The Positive Impact of Dental Sleep Masters

Avi Weisfogel is the proprietor of Dental Sleep Masters based in Old Bridge, New Jersey. The medical company offers services that help dentists to learn and efficiently enter into the world of sleep medicine. The company facilitates training and provides the dentists with a fully staffed sleep study center in a conducive dental office.

He has an extensive experience in the treatment of sleep disorders. Avi Weisfogel attained a B.A in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He then proceeded to advance his education at the New York University where he graduated with a DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery.

At the beginning of his career, Avi Weisfogel opened up a dental practice known as Old Bridge Dental Care. His interest, however, shifted to treating sleep patients. Avi started exploring the world of sleep medicine and learning the methods that physicians or dentists can use to assist patients troubled with sleep disorders.

Avi Weisfogel spent the first fifteen years of his career working as a dentist, and despite his success, he was keen on developing his interest in sleep medicine peaked. He, therefore, shut down his general practice and established a company dedicated to sleep medicine. This move was integral to the creation of Dental Sleep Masters.

The biggest challenge for him was how to achieve a steady inflow of patients every month. Avi Weisfogel rose beyond the challenge and developed a program that brought in more than 200 patients every month. He then combined efforts with Barry Glassman, DDS, and created the Dental Sleep Masters program.

The main purpose of this program was to expose more physicians, dentists, and patients to this new model forwarded by Avi Weisfogel. It was a model that would improve the distribution of healthcare in the world of sleep medicine.

Julie Zuckerberg; a Recruitment Expert with Years of Experience

Julie has a decade of experience in talent acquisition and recruitment. In the different years, she has worked with different high end companies that have helped spearhead her career.


Currently, Julie is an executive talent acquisition lead at the Deutsche Bank. She completed her studies in Philosophy from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She later advanced her education by studying law from New York Law School.


Her career began right after school in 2002 when she joined the Hudson company. At the company she was the director of Candidate placement a position she served in for 5 years. During this period she recruited attorneys, case managers, paralegals and the support staff for different corporations. She also provided the employees with information concerning their benefits, the working conditions and the opportunities for career growth.


After leaving the company, she was hired by Citi. She held two positions simultaneously. First she was the Citi global functions executive recruiter a position she served from 2007 to 2011. She was also serving as the vice president and executive recruiter for the group from 2007 to November 2013 when she left the company. She was involved with the recruitment of people to senior positions Audit, compliance and legal.


She joined the New York Life Insurance Company in the same month that she left Citi. She was the experienced hire recruiting lead and also the corporate vice president of the company. She worked with the company for a period of 4 months during which she helped the company recruitment, talent strategy planning and building client relationships.


It wasn’t long before she secured a job at the Deutsche bank. She joined the bank in 2014 as the vice president, talent acquisition and the executive recruiter. She served in this position for a year during which she was able to create working relationship with the different partners. She worked with the rest of the team to establish appropriate strategies for the bank.


She was later promoted to the position to the position she holds today. In this position she has managed to provide counseling the leadership and the executive committee about the way forward. She has also helped in the counseling of the recruiters and coordinators. She has played an important role in leading negotiations at the management level and providing direct for the coaching team.


In the course of her career, Julie Zuckerberg has been able to develop different skills that have helped her in her various positions. The different skills include; talent acquisition and management, team leadership, conflict resolution, employee training, leadership and executive staffing to mention a few.


Julie also has developed different hobbies like art, food, technology and photography. There are different causes that she cares about;


« Animal welfare

« Human rights

« Science and technology

« Economic empowerment

« Culture

« Civil rights

« Social action


Julie is a firm believer of the recruitment process and that is why she has managed to work hard and gain experience so that she can help other people.

U.S. Money Reserve Introduces New Website Layout

Recently, the organization known as U.S. Money Reserve announced that it has redesigned its website. It has made a number of changes that will allow it to be more appealing to visitors With this new layout, U.S. Money Reserve will be in position to improve its overall online presence. The new site content will now look to display U.S. Money Reserve as the top expert on precious metals. As well as promoting itself as the go to source on precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve will also look to keep its values of commitment, providing the best customer service available and also trust. As a result, the organization will now be in position to not only provide the most viable information on precious metals, but also maintain its integrity and positive reputation.


When speaking to members of the media, the Vice President of Brand and Creative Ryan Buchanan said that the main reason to change the website content is to make a site that is more responsive to users. With a more responsive website, visitors will be able to have easier access to content as well as provide them with more educational sources about precious metals. The site will now provide content of the best possible quality as well. With a more extensive storefront, visitors will now have plenty of opportunities to explore a wide selection of precious metals and purchase them on a regular basis. When it comes to providing educational content, the site will now have the ability to provide lots of more specific information about precious metals. As a result, visitors will now be in position to find the best investment options for their needs. The site is also able to give visitors the ability to make purchase more easily.


As part of the new improvements to the website, U.S. Money Reserve has expanded its online shop. With this expansion, the site will now offer gold and silver bullion at some of the most competitive prices on the market. As a result, a number of consumers will be in position to purchase these valuable investment options at a low cost. Along with having access to gold and silver bullion, visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase a number of PCGS certified coins as well. Therefore, they will have a site that will provide them with a number of ways to get the most valuable precious metals around. Another thing about the new site is that it provides plenty of resources for visitors to use such as the Knowledge Center and the Full Headline Gold News Room. With these sources, visitors will now have the access to detailed information about the precious metals currently on the market.

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Construcap Growth Over Time

Many companies in Brazil are experiencing a fast rate of growth right now. There are a lot of people moving to the country, and the real estate market is hot. Construcap is a real estate company that is doing well financially. In the coming years, the company has a lot of plans to expand business to other areas of the real estate industry on If you want to invest in real estate or just buy a home, Construcap is the perfect company to work with.

Customer Service

One of the biggest features that separates Construcap from other companies is their customer service. This is a company that has consistently worked to help customers find the best deal for their situation at Before buying a home, you will be able to sit down with them and discuss your various financial goals. This is one of the biggest selling points for working with Construcap. Over the years, they have proven to truly care about customers.

Real Estate

Brazil is a nation that is growing rapidly, and housing prices on are starting to appreciate there as well. If you want to purchase a home, you need to be able to act quickly. Construcap will help you find a home before it hits the market, and this is a huge advantage for buyers looking to make a purchase on