Lori Senecal the Big Name in a Competitive Industry

News is always a closely watched event in the world of business as it has the capacity to influence decisions made in the corridors of major corporate entities and shaking stock markets around the world. That is why you will be right to guess that the news that Lori will exit from CP $ B early this year was not taken so lightly by players in the industry. Speculation on who will fit into her shoes in the agency that she’s been the central force is rife.

Lori Senecal is a name associated with success in the advertising world. Before working with Co- Global she was the co- founder of the House Worldwide and prior to that worked Publicis where she rose the ranks to be a chief operating officer. Her appointment therefore in 2015 to head the new structure Co- Global did not surprise many. Known for characteristic appetite for attempting new ventures and uneasiness in a comfort zone made her the correct choice.

That she managed to sign a business deal with the American Airline is not the major show of her prowess but that she actually managed to snatch the deal away from TM another advertising giant who did business for American Airline for 25 years. The deal showed the confidence that business world bestowed on her.

According to mediapost.com, the McGill University graduate has bagged several awards for example in 2013 she received honors at the AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap award for innovation and leadership, and in 2014, in 2016 under her leadership SP $ B was honored as the “Creativity Innovator of the Year” as she was identified among only four executives to pay attention to this year, Lori was also named among AdAge’s “Women to Watch.” She sits in the Ad Council BOD.

That Lori has left a trail of success in the industry is not something you can wash away anytime soon. The clinching of successful deals like the Infiniti, Hershey and Paypal accounts proves that one needs extra ordinary prowess to outsmart players in the industry. Follow Lori on Twitter.


Oncotarget: Combating Disease through Publishing of Reliable Research Papers

Oncotarget is an incorporative biomedical journal that provides information to scientists on scientific issues through in-depth review and creates informational unison between biomedical specialists, to enhance the application of basic and clinical scientific knowledge to combat diseases. It uses scientific indexes and archives. Oncortaget has achieved its objective of being first online publication journal to avail a consolidated issue to PubMed few days after publication.

Oncortaget is working on bettering the indexing process by publishing two issues a week. Scientists have assured the availability of all Oncortaget scientific publications on the following sites: PubMed, PubMed Central, ISI/Web of Science: Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, Oncotarget.com, and EMBASE.

Oncortaget published an article on the role of nRNPC1C2 in dengue replication. It outlines the results of an experiment that involved in vitro method of dengue infection in a hepatocyte cell line and mediated knockdown of hnRNP C1C2 Mock. The knockdown cells produced during different periods of disease were examined for cell viability, proliferation, the percentage of dengue infection, amount of viral RNA and viral E and NS1.The final products were reviewed to determine the level of the infectious DENV and more

The human heterogeneous host and viral nuclear ribonucleoproteins (hnRNP) involved in dengue replication are C1C2 the host cellular proteins virus are many and facilitates a binding process of RNA enhancing replication of positive-strand RNA viruses, poliovirus, and hepatitis C virus. An interaction between hnRNPC1C2 and vimentin and viral NS1 in dengue-infected cells in DENV replication is unclear. The article also tried to highlight on the level at which dengue viruses are translated.

It indicated that the presence of the immunoprecipitated compound containing hnRNP c1C2 proteins the transfection resulted in the decreased level of hnRNPC1C2Mrna and protein though not lethal to the cells during the DENV infection. Reduction in level of hnRNP C1C2 indicated that the level of DEVN antigen-positive cells and the amount of DENV RNA, DENV and NS1 proteins despite the decrease, did not affect DENV translation In the reduction of DENV in the supernatant from the DENV infected cells following the knockdown of hnRNP C1C2 indicated that hnRNPC1C2 at the viral RNA synthesis process is involved in DENV replication.