Betsy DeVos

In an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos discusses her views on the state of the education system in the United States. In conversation about her support of educational reform and school choice, DeVos states that since Milton Friedman’s “The Role of Government in Education” she has never felt more optimistic. She mentions the growth of the number of publicly funded, private-choice programs and their increasing number of students across various states.


A recent move in Indiana to begin a new statewide voucher program has drawn even more attention to the movement, in DeVos’s opinion, and she claims this is because they are noticing that traditional public schools are “in many cases… failing.” In recent years, DeVos claims that this realization amongst many has resulted in them becoming more in favor of what were previously seen as “radical reforms.” These include tax credits and vouchers.


When asked about what brought her attention to this movement, DeVos cites frequent visits to a local Grand Rapids school serving low-income families. From then on, DeVos has stated she held a strong desire to assist those families in offering their children many of the same educational opportunities she herself was able to offer her children alongside her husband, Dick DeVos.


Dick DeVos was elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan in 1990, and Betsy DeVos became involved with foundations the goals of which included providing that financial assistance to low-income families. In recent years, Betsy DeVos cites Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana as the states that have been her greatest successes. Despite these states each having what Philanthropy claims to be “three reform-minded Republican governors,” DeVos insists that education must become either a bipartisan or non-partisan issue.


DeVos views all types of education—including homeschooling and charter schooling—to be valid educational choices. Her husband himself founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter high school in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Both Betsy and Dick DeVos are members of wealthy families native to west Michigan. Dick DeVos’s father, Rich DeVos, was one of the co-founders of the Amway Corporation. Over the course of their careers in both politics and religious organizations, the pair has donated upwards of $100 million. The couple has stated that their giving has always been with the supreme focus on education in the hopes of offering equal educational opportunity to families regardless of which area they happen to live in. This comes through the idea of schooling of choice that is achieved through vouchers and other forms of financial assistance.


Betsy DeVos has recently relocated to Washington, where she has been tasked with heading the Department of Education under the Trump administration. However, since her confirmation, she has yielded many mixed reviews, including from those in her previous area of jurisdiction, Grand Rapids, where many citizens have referred to her as “insulated” and “unprepared” in her new role. She has been witnessed to be in favor of little regulation and few standards when it comes to various forms of education, including those with more of a religious undertone. Learn more:

Jason Hope and Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope has spent many years sponsoring research for ant-aging, as well as his SENS rejuvenation research, aimed at repairing the cellular and molecular damage that is the root cause of aging. Jason Hope works hard to assist the SENS Research Foundation, while explaining the knowledge that is involved. He also hopes that his support can help bring quicker results that will benefit humans for years to come.

Jason devoted his time in the SENS Foundation because he has confidence understanding the importance of evolving the progress of medicine in humans. Jason Hope has used his own money to make an impact to advance anti-aging advantages. Most of his charity efforts are focused on the SENS Research Foundation, to handle age-related disease going straightforward. Today, the foundation has driven successfully as a transformation biotechnology. This research centers to tackle age-related disease.

Thanks to Jason Hope’s contribution to the anti-aging research organization, scientists have come up with progressive techniques of delivering treatment by cracking the Advanced Glycation End-products. These results are the main causes of aging. It is instructed to remove them before they build-up to toxic levels.

Jason Hope also assists with the research to SENS Foundation, hoping that one day, there will be a cure for deadly diseases. Jason knows that we are still in need of efforts that scientifically seek to retain staying young and slowing down aging. Mr. Hope believes in being upbeat, and wants to spend time on preventing diseases.

Jason knows it is important to progress the medical technology and appreciates that the SENS Foundation is contributing to the medical advancement and continuing research to be successful. The main influence that Jason wants others to know is that his involvement in anti-aging is to create a better quality of life. Jason Hope is from Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Hope has earned a degree in investment from Arizona State University. He is also a sponsor in healthcare technology. Jason donated to the Teach for America’s Phoenix chapter, that helps the organization’s, “Sponsor A Teacher program.” Jason Hope has an enthusiasm for technology. Jason likes to make projections about where the direction of technology is going. Jason Hope gives guidance about technology, and how it is beneficial to people and industries who are thriving to find new paths to take advantage on what’s to come for technology.

What You Should Know About Fagali’I Airport

If you’re looking for information about Fagali’I Airport, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss general information about the airport, what’s nearby and other useful information. Continue to read on to learn more about the airport.

General Info
Fagali’I Airport is located in Samoa, more specifically Apia, and the airport code is FGI. The phone number to the airport is 61 459 530 795. The operator of the airport is Samoa Airport Authority.

An interesting fact about the airport is that it was once a grass-only airstrip. Eventually it was paved, and then it was reopened to the public in 2002. However, there were concerns over noise and safety, which led to it being temporarily decommissioned in 2005.

There are two airlines that operate from Fagali’I Airport. Talofa Airways is one of the airlines, and the two destinations they serve is Pago Pago and Tonga. Samoa Airways is the second airlines that serves the airport, and the destination it serves is Pago Pago.

In the past, there were three other airlines that have operated from Fagali’I Airport on Those airlines included Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines and South Pacific Island Airways. As of now, there are no plans on other airlines making the airport their hub.

What’s Nearby
The Fagali’i airport is located near a number of attractions and points of interest. This includes the world-renowned Royal Samoa Golf Course. Samoa College is also located nearby. As for accommodation, there are a number of hotels and motels and resorts in the area. This includes Su Accommodation, the Talofa Inn and the Taumeasina Island Resort to name a few according to If you plan on visiting and staying in the area for an extended period of time, then you’ll want to look into accommodation . Furthermore, there’s numerous restaurants in the area, so you’ll have a number of places to eat at. Generally speaking, there’s quite a few things to do in the area.

Feel free to book a trip to Samoa today. Make sure you pay a visit to Fagali’I Airport when you arrive or book a hotel near the airport.

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