Dr. Mark Mofid Isn’t Just A Surgeon – He’s A Game Changer

There are a number of reasons why someone might consider getting, or follow through with getting plastic surgery. For some, parts of their body prevent them for being able to live a fulfilled life. For others, their body is their job and they need to keep with the trends in order to make a living. But, for so many, there’s the need for injury repair – often after other surgeries have gone awry, illnesses have taken hold, or accidents have lead to permanent damage. Dr. Mark Mofid runs a practice in the San Diego and La Jolla Area, assisting his patients in all of the above. Often times, he goes above and beyond to service the needs of his patients, his practice, and plastic surgery as an industry all together.

How does a surgeon go above and beyond for their job and industry? Dr. Mark Mofid has not only performed dozens and dozens of surgeries, but he’s conducted a number of studies to further technique as well as motivations behind cultural standards. When you understand what motivates your patient, you understand what their expected outcome of the procedure is and can adhere to their needs more accurately.

To more accurately depict the perfect silhouette for his clients, Dr. Mark Mofid conducted a study to compare all Playboy centerfolds from 1953 to 2012. What he discovered was nearly all had a 0.68 waist-to-hip ratio, regardless of their BMI or weight. Dr. Mark Mofid decided that this seemed to be the “aesthetic ideal” and applied this to his work ethic, creating a more desirable silhouette for his patients and being able to more accurately guide his patients to what they want.

On top of studies, Dr. Mark Mofid has designed his very own implant that he is able to shape both before and during procedures. This increases probability of a smoother and seamless insertion of the implant and a more desirable shape as well.

Not many doctors, let alone surgeons, are willing to put as much care into their patients or practice. That’s what makes Mark Mofid a game changer.

Fabletic’s Key to Success is Leveraging the Crowd

The business world has changed immensely over the past few years, and to succeed you must recognize and utilize new strategies. Online shopping has made the retail landscape smaller in some ways but more far-reaching in others. Power has shifted from the company to the customer. The concept of crowdsourcing has become one of the most important aspects of business.


One company that has capitalized on leveraging the crowd is Fabletics, an activewear company co-owned by Kate Hudson. Fabletics has a successful strategy of focusing on customers by acknowledging and encouraging their feedback. Hudson, along with co-owners, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg wanted to elevate activewear to a new level of color and fit for the average woman. While keeping their clothes affordable and paying close attention to product reviews, Fabletics has grown a staggering 200% since they first appeared in 2013.


This company started with the idea of offering memberships that benefit from custom items being chosen each month for them. New members take a quiz that helps Fabletic consultants choose things to fit the customer’s lifestyle. The company now has more than $1 million members and growing. Shawn Gold, the CMO for Fabletics, credits much of this success to their focus on customer reviews and feedback. The website highlights reviews and each one is addressed.


Customers today are not easily influenced by marketing or branding. What shoppers are looking for today are honest reviews by real people. Research shows that half of the customers investigate reviews at least once a month. 84% trust online reviews more than even personal recommendations from someone they know. 50% of online customers read reviews on a regular basis which is an increase of 51%.


The options for buyers to leave reviews has grown impressively too as such sites as Trustpilot have seen a dramatic number of over 30 million reviews. Also, 76% of brands feature review options because they understand that positive reviews drive revenue up and create customer loyalty. A positive review is more likely to appear near the top on Google and other search engines which send new customers to the website. Even such retail sites as Target and Walmart have recognized the importance of review centered websites.


Fabletics is most interested in its customers. This company understands that reviews can break or make a company. Hudson, an actress, and real-life mom who works out, is the perfect spokesperson for this company. She believes in what she is saying, says Goldberg. Hudson has influenced the company by demanding up to date communication and attention to feedback. 85% of sales at Fabletics comes from repeat customers who appreciate the focus on buyers. Shawn Gold agrees with the numbers. He feels that the review centered atmosphere makes a company more transparent and accountable to its members.


The increase of review driven websites shows the relevance of shopper’s feedback. Any business that wants to succeed like Fabletics, must master the art of emphasizing and encouraging feedback. Not only do companies need to highlight the reviews, they also need to respond to them.


Lori Senecal is a woman who has made her mark as a leader in business and advertising operations all over the world. Some companies where she has worked and positions held are: McCann Worldgroup, Global Chief Innovation Officer; McCann Erikson in New York, President; Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS), Global Chairman & CEO; and currently Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP&B) [a company of eight hundred employees], where she is Global CEO and is responsible for managing ten international offices that promote economic growth and prosperity globally. She and the companies she has worked for have been recognized with many top honors and awards. A couple to mention are: “Agency Executives to Watch in 2016” and “Most Creative People in Business in 2017”. She is also known to encourage other women by promoting them to top executive positions. For more details visit Inspirery.


Lori Senecal grew up in Montreal, Canada and attended McGill University, one of Canada’s top universities, where she earned her marketing and sales degree. According to LinkedIn, she has always been a self-motivator, even at a young age, working tirelessly to be successful in whatever she attempts. She is innovative, has a strong personality and “out-of-the-box thinking” that constitutes her advertising and technology ideas. She is ambitious and sets high standards for herself that all combine to define who she is as a person. Check out Media post for more.


Lori Senecal attributes her success to her years as a coach in gymnastics. The goals she set for herself as a coach such as being a leader for the team, creating a plan for winning; realizing the importance of compassion and striving to do the best of her abilities, all combined in helping her excel in her business career. She also gives credit to her parents and mentors and states that your own money-making comes from others making money. She realizes that her work in creating top advertising campaigns is due to creative ideas and thinking, teamwork, and her clients and partners. Together, they all have assisted her in becoming the accomplished person she is today. She says her contentment comes from knowing her clients are happy and satisfied with her work!



See more: http://www.gcreport.com/curious-storied-career-lori-senecal-global-ceo/

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Personalization

Sentient AI is the appropriate way to increase your conversion rate. Any accurate advertising and marketing team and developing team could have a streamlined technique of communicating if you want to discuss with every other person on the methods to build your internet site. The website must cater to customers for your area of interest and it must provide your customers an easy way to get what they need. The great websites have a smooth navigation and a simple layout. Via giving your customers what they want in a pretty bundle you are making sure that they’ll maintain coming back and they might even refer their friends. But getting the most site visitors viable is a complex task. SEO is continuously evolving and your teams need to hold up with the tendencies.

Sentient AI become created to help managers optimize their websites quick and efficaciously.

It will increase your conversion rates by using what is called ecommerce personalization. Your conversion rates will jump more than 30% if you use the technology to its fullest capability. The important thing to attracting the maximum customers is maximizing your commerce presentation. Ecommerce personalization works by providing your customers with the experience they want to see. Traditional testing methods make it somewhat difficult to find exactly what your customers are looking for. Sentient AI’s testing model makes the process easy thanks to its multi-variate competencies. It may absorb dozens or masses of different inputs at a time and create the most attractive internet site possible. Your customers will have interaction with various calculations of your internet site and Sentient AI will regulate for optimization at the same time as they’re interacting. It learns their conduct and creates the best internet site for them to take the motion you want. Learn more about Sentient at Crunchbase.

In case your website functions as a web shop, conversion optimization is a main part of your overhead investment. Considering the fact that it is a habitual cost managers commonly need to get a complete return on their investment. If a patron exits the shop without completing a purchase then Sentient AI will see that detail and take it into attention. The genetic algorithm will test out numerous features to your website and see precisely what works in your clients’ minds and what doesn’t. Once it is complete, you’ll notice less customers falling from your pipeline and greater customers finishing purchases. Your shop will benefit from the usage of Sentient AI ecommerce personalization.