A Look at the Forward-Looking Entrepreneur: Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has established many businesses in the tourism sector. In 1972, he combined efforts with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari to found CVC, a leading tour company in Brazil. CVC is one of his investments in the tourism industry that have flourished to build him a big name in the industry and propel him to financial success. He was captured as one of top 500 billionaires in the world by Forbes.

His humble beginnings dates back to 1949, when he was born in Sao Paulo. He led a normal childhood and went to college and majored on business administration. He worked in a few other companies before co-founding CVC. CVC started as a small tour operator in Brazil but over time, it grew rapidly to surpass incumbent companies and become the most preferred tour company in North America. The leadership Guilherme Paulus oversaw the introduction of contemporary travel packages that made the company the best choice for Brazilians.

In 2009, CVC needed more funding and Guiherme did not hesitate to seek the help of a global investment fund. The help he got propelled the company even further. A few years later, the company began trading its shares as a public company. Its net revenue has now hit $5.2 billion per year and considering the growth plans they have, the revenue could go off the roof. The company is going to open 100 stores every year and venture into less populated areas. The forward-thinking entrepreneur is also looking for an innovative solutions for connecting online vendors with physical stores.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels & Resorts. Since then, it has seen a great deal of success and currently, it controls more than 15 hotels in Brazil, thanks to $600 million he injected into the investment. Guilherme Paulus also established Webjet to become a large airline company in Brazil. All these efforts and ventures have impacted the tourism industry positively and he has been recognized widely for that. The French government was at the forefront commending him for the good work. Additionally, he has received many accolades including “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, “Revolutionary Consumer Relations Award” and “Personality of the Year Award. He is a member of the National Tourism Council.

OSI Group’s Diversification Techniques

Turosi Pty Ltd was formed after the merging of Turi Foods and OSI Group. The two groups agreed to work together in a 50/50 agreement that would see Turosi provide the food market with enough farming production. Initially, Turi Foods is a family business, which specializes in poultry products in both production and processing in Australia. The company’s primary markets include roast chicken joints, chicken retail shops, supermarkets, butcheries, and restaurants.

OSI Group, on the other hand, is the primary supplier of protein foods to retailers, restaurants and other food markets in Asia –Pacific market. The two companies agreed to retain their plants in Victoria, Thomastown, and Geelong. The others to be preserved include the Black town in New South Wales and Queensland’s Eagle Farm.

When many customers purchase foodstuffs in either supermarkets or any other food outlets, very few check the details on the container concerning the product. OSI Group is a well-established food producer, and marketer and chances are that many people use its products. In its diversification processes, the company set up plants in different countries as well as merging with other like-minded food companies. Among such acquisition took place in Europe between the group and Baho Foods in 2016. The Company, which operates in the Netherlands, has other branches both in the Netherlands and in Germany. Baho Food supplied its products in Europe in more than 18 countries. The merger would boost both the production and sales of both companies.

In Europe, the company bought Flagship Europe to boost the supplies of condiments, pies and poultry products in the region. Through the leadership of Sheldon and McDonald, the merger would help Flagship to market its products in Europe just as they did in Asia, United States, Germany, and Spain. OSI Group maintains its international diversification without forgetting the home market. The company purchased a Chicago plant in June 2016, which was on the verge of collapsing. Tyson Foods was almost to shut down because of high production cost, and nearly 500 jobs would be lost in the process. The acquisition was an advantage to OSI Group because it would expand its operations apart from poultry, which Tyson Foods used to produce. The move would succeed because the plant covered a large area of 200,000 square feet. When the $ 7.4 million deal was reached, all the employees were retained. The continuous growth of OSI is unique because not many companies can manage to remain at the top for all those years.

Check more about OSI Group: https://osigroup.jobs.net/

How GreenSky Makes Lending a Snap

You want to get a home improvement loan for your kitchen. However, you are worried about the time it will take to go through the application process. You talk to the contractor who tells you that he can get you a loan decision in minutes. All he needs is your driver’s license. A minute or so later, wham! You are approved for a $15,000 loan and your new kitchen is on its way. What kind of wizardry is this?! Simple, this loan was facilitated by an innovative lending company called GreenSky . And the company has loaned billions of dollars in the last decade.

In a Wikipedia search, you can discover that GreenSky  was founded in 2006 as a breakthrough Fintech company that allows expedited loan decisions for home improvement, healthcare expenses, solar projects and other purpose. The company was co-ounded by David Zalik who serves as the current CEO. Mr. Zalik is known as an innovative entrepreneur who was recently awarded the National EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Financial Services.

What makes GreenSky  so different? The company is essentially supplanting credit cards as a way to fund large projects for individuals. With a streamlined approval process, people no longer have to wait days or weeks for a loan decision. And the entire process is executed on GreenSky ‘s online platform that allows both the merchant and the individual to easily manage the loan.

According to a recent Forbes article over 17,000 contractors use the lending platform to help their future customers secure loans for their home improvement project. And GreenSky  helps secures these loans through 14 partners that include major banks like SunTrust, FifthThird and Regions. GreenSky acts as a middleman that connects the merchant, the borrower and the bank.

For over a decade, GreenSky  has innovated the way merchants secure big ticket sales by offering a fast lending solutions to their potential customers. As the company continues to loan out billions of dollars per year, GreekSky Credit will continue to innovate the way loans are created and processed in the everyday world.


Successes of Ara Chackerian

People no longer need to worry about deteriorating health as Ara Chackerian has come to their rescue through his innovations. The renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist majorly focus on community-based projects, and this has seen a vast number of people shower him with an appraisal. His traits are amendable, and he has always been passionate about giving people a happy and healthy life. His projects are based on the health sector, and he has worked as well as launched a vast number of health companies to bring innovation to a whole new level. The renowned entrepreneur recently launched a firm that focuses on outpatient radiology diagnostics.


The TMS Company has facilitated health services in many hospitals, and doctors no longer need to worry about the adverse health issues of their patients as they can solve them with just a simple click as well as the use of modern equipment to identify and point out the problem areas in their clients. The technological advances in the field of medicine have marked a new dawn in treatment, and people have also experienced it through the fast services being offered in various health facilities in different countries. According to Ara Chackerian, health is an important aspect of life, and people with a good state of health tend to be happy and more productive. He insists that good health also contributes to growth in the economy of a country as people can invest and work without any complications. To see more you can checkout medium.com


As a go-getter, Ara Chackerian continues to be inventive, and despite accomplishing a lot of successes in his many projects, he continues to pursue his passion by launching new innovative projects for the benefit of others. He encourages other entrepreneurs to ensure that they learn to adopt the various changes taking place in the field of business, as it is the only way they can bring a revolution in the ways of lives of others. He also insists on the importance of sharing knowledge with others, as it is also another way through which a nation can grow fast towards being modernized. His contributions to the society are impressive, and he seeks to continue with his mission. For more details you can visit their facebook page.


Reference: https://patch.com/california/san-francisco/gauging-healthcare-startups-ara-chackerian-boom-or-boost


Stream Energy

Children are the innocent ones. They don’t know what causes homelessness. They don’t understand the meaning of downsizing or layoffs. Divorce is a foreign concept in their limited view of their small worlds. Children only know joy or pain, happy or sad, not cause and effect. They don’t get pink slips and eviction notices. They don’t compute mortgage rates and automobile interest loans. Their only concerns are fluffy the dog, favorite foods like pizza and peanut butter, and the little doll that gets them to sleep. Their best friend is a puppy or mom or dad. They get love and protection, and when their worlds are shattered, the shock is evidenced in their faces but lost on their minds. Stream Energy cares.

There is nothing in this world sadder than the face of a traumatized child. When a child loses their home, their sense of the world around them changes, and they are forced to grasp ideas and realities that their young minds were not yet meant to comprehend. The scars of devastation can stay with them throughout their lives well into adulthood. Homelessness has a psychological effect on children that often go untreated because families are severely cash-strapped. The parental focus is on housing while their own mental health goes unchecked. Homelessness is a terrible break to the family structure. It is one of the most difficult situations to have overcome. The Stream Energy foundation: Stream Cares, is a philanthropic organization that works in the Dallas community to assist families with recovery efforts from homelessness. Stream Energy partners with other organizations to bring smiles back to the faces of homeless children.

A day in a water park may not seem like much to someone who has lost their home, but Stream Energy knows how vital it is to restore children back to the natural state of being. Children smile and play; laugh and have fun; that is their natural way. The efforts of companies to help in the fight against homelessness is much appreciated, especially by those whose days were made brighter for just a moment.