Altium Capital Invests in the Healthcare Industry

Altium Capital is an organization that focuses on investments opportunities that are aimed at promoting the growth of firms that have invested in the Healthcare industry. Therefore, this firm seeks to help grow the firms that are offering meaningful health services and medical treatment to the general public. The company headquarters are located in New York City.

Altium Capital first partnered with Oramed Company. This is a pharmaceutical company that has been credited with making life-changing discoveries. It has developed an oral treatment alternative for patients living with diabetes. This oral treatment will replace the intravenous system of taking insulin. Oramed Company has successfully launched and tested the orally ingestible insulin capsule and also an oral glucagon-like peptide capsule. This discovery will go an extra mile in improving the livelihood of people living with diabetes. Oramed Company also boasts of having an experienced management team with several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The company also gets help from some of the leading scientists in the world.

Amarin is the other company that has a well-established partnership with Altium Company. Its headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland. Amarin has been working round the clock to develop drugs that can improve cardiovascular health. It managed to develop an AMR-101 drug which was the first to receive an FDA approval. It was approved in the year 2012. Amarin is also a rapidly growing and innovative pharmaceutical company.

The third company that has partnered with Altium Capital is Oragenics. It was founded on the year 1996 and focused on the idea of Replacement Therapy which involves replacing the bad bacteria’s with beneficial ones with the main purpose of achieving a beneficial result. This company has worked together with Intrexon Company to develop a technology that can help combat infectious diseases as well as other diseases that affects the throat, oral cavity, and esophagus.