An Overview of the Most Edited Articles on Wikipedia in 2016

There are some that were no surprise like articles on Brexit, Orlando nightclub shooting and recent controversial topics and news. There were a few mysterious ones like an article on RuPaul’s Drag Race and another on Beverley Gray – a character subject in a number of mystery stories (26) series written in the period of 1934-1955.

Most Edited Articles

An article featuring Vincent Van Gogh was edited on occasions running into thousands in 2016. A large number of the editors made the edits in the hope of clarifying various misunderstandings concerning the artist. They also hoped to achieve the “featured” status on the page. The article that recorded the most Wikipedia edits was the one on Deaths in 2016 which was edited a record 18,230 times.

Donald Trump’s article was the second on the list with 8,933 edits as at December 21, 2016. If history repeats itself, then it is expected that Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page will generate more scrutiny in the coming days. George W Bush’s article holds the record for the most Wikipedia revisions in the history of the site, according to the Wikimedia Foundation. At the last count, the article had garnered 45,862 revisions.

“Fake News”

Fake news have become prevalent in this era, making the input of Wikipedia editors more important than ever before. This has seen an entry for “Fake news website” on the website gain popularity over the last one month. The entry recorded about 1,000 Wikipedia edits in December’s first two weeks.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page for Online Reputation or Business

When making a search query using Google, you always notice that relevant Wikipedia links appear among the top five results in the results page. This can be exploited to market your brand or its online presence. Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia online but it does not hire writers like others do. It is a form of an open source website that if well exploited can become a useful online marketing tool for both businesses and personal brands. You should get your wiki where there are a number of knowledgeable Wikipedia editors who will help to edit or make a Wikipedia page on your behalf.

Wikipedia occupies a prime real estate on the results page of search engines like Google. It appears on the first five spots therefore giving your brand or company the much needed SEO boost for free. This will impact positively on your brand’s visibility, sales and integrity. Get your Wiki today and get professional writers help you edit or make a Wikipedia page for your business and reap the huge benefits.

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  1. Various outstanding figures kicked the bucket in 2016 among them Janet Reno, David Bowie, Gwen Ifill, John Glenn, Muhammad Ali, Fidel Castro among others. Wikipedia uncovered the articles that were altered the most in 2016. It is a very durable way for to carry out everything that might have worked out for them which is not that far from the truth in anyway and it makes complete sense to all and sundry too.

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