End Citizens United Releases Endorsement For Democrat Doug Jones

End Citizens United (ECU), a Washington D.C. based political action committee, has endorsed the campaign of Doug Jones for a U.S. Senate seat. Doug Jones is the Democratic candidate who is running against the Republican former judge Roy Moore in a special election taking place in Alabama.

When endorsing Jones, According to endcitizensunited.org, End Citizens United put out a statement saying that Roy Moore is an extremist and racist who is running on a bigoted agenda. They also said that if he is elected he will do what he can to protect the corrupt and rigged system where politicians do the will of those special interests putting money in their pockets rather than looking out for the interests of their constituents.

Expanding upon those thoughts, ECU’s President Tiffany Muller said that Roy Moore has a belief system and agenda that is counter to that of the values held by those in Alabama and throughout the United States. She sees him as accepting special interest money and being heavily influenced by those he has taken the money from. She also pointed out that not long ago he started a charity and then paid himself and his wife $1 million in salary for running it.

Tiffany Muller went on to say that Doug Jones, though, is someone who has displayed integrity during his career as a prosecutor. He has shown great character and a willingness to do the right thing. She says he will work to unrig the system that exists in Washington D.C. politics where those with the biggest wallets have the biggest say.

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Roy Moore had been a judge. His misconduct resulted in his being suspended from this position and ultimately he was removed from his office. He consistently put his personal beliefs above that of the law when making judgments in cases. He also claimed that the 9/11 attacks were a form of divine punishment by God on the United States and was responsible for telling judges that they shouldn’t approve same-sex couples marriage licenses.

End Citizens United main goal is to reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling that opened up the floodgates for unlimited spending in political campaigns. They back candidates who will work to return the system to one where there are reasonable constraints on what any one person or organization can spend to get someone elected.

Since the Supreme Courts ruling in 2010 in the case Citizens United v. F.E.C., rich individuals and corporations have been essentially buying elections. Their money, and therefore their voice and influence, have drowned out everybody elses. Ultimately, ECU seeks a constitutional amendment in regards to campaign spending so that there is a limit on special interest groups and their ability to buy politicians.

See: http://www.factcheck.org/tag/end-citizens-united/

Fabletics: Introducing an Innovative Website

In 2013, a new online retail company was established by Katie Hudson: Fabletics. This company instantly grew, from being a small startup to a multi-million dollar business. Fabletics has also partnered with Amazon recently, to become an unbeatable business in the world of online retail. But what made them so successful in just a short amount of time? One word: reviews.


When Fabletics was relatively new, no one knows about it, aside from the fans of Katie Hudson who have heard her plug, and a few who were informed about it. Then, after the website was launched, people enjoyed how the experience went through, and have seen that the quality of products being sold by the company is better compared to other online stores. It fueled word of mouth advertising, with the old customers bringing in new ones because of their positive experience shopping with Fabletics. Others would write down an online review, saying that Fabletics is the place to go. These form of indirect advertising helped Fabletics become one of the most formidable entities in the world of online retail.


First-time customers who visit the website at www.fabletics.com will usually be greeted by deals from the company. These deals require answering one of their quizzes so that the system will determine which kind of style suits their customer. This information is fed to the system will also be used for future visits. Quizzes are part of the website, and one should answer them for them to access the shop itself. The questions are not difficult, and there are no wrong answers. It is like a survey wherein the answers depends on the person who is responding.


After the quiz, customers can access thousands of collections available on their website, and the clothes are organized in different categories – outfits, tops, bottoms, accessories, signature, and featured. Once the selection of clothes concluded, customers can check it out. There are two types of customer checkouts: one for regular customers, and another one for VIP customers. VIP customers receive discounts and more perks compared to regular customers, and it is recommended to become a VIP to save more. After the checkout, customers would have to wait for the item to be delivered.


Many clients who are receiving their item post reviews about their experience with using the Fabletics website. Many of them are satisfied with the experience and recommend other people to try shopping at the site too. Fabletics did not expect the customer’s review to drive their company forward, and they are very thankful to those who are writing positive feedbacks about the enterprise. As a result, Fabletics included a review feature on their website for customers to write down what they think about the company, the product, and the whole experience. Fabletics is anticipating for higher revenues since they are receiving a lot of positive feedback lately from satisfied repeat customers, coupled with new customers who have heard about their friends or family members’ experience about shopping at the Fabletics website.

Australia Equities First Holdings Funds Projects in India

The Indiana-based Equities First Holdings, LLC, a finance solutions provider has subsidiary groups all over the world. In 2016 its Australian subsidiary announced a new partnership with Environmental Clean Technologies for the development of several major projects in India. ECT is a Melbourne-based company that specializes in iron and coal technologies. EFH’s part in the partnership will involve funding the projects to the tune of $30 million. The Australian Equities First Holdings subsidiary is based in Sydney with satellite offices in Melbourne and Perth.

They are legally permitted to do business in Australia because they hold an Australian Financial Services License. They are doing so well that having them as financers on this project is considered one of the best things that could happen. Equities First Holdings, in any form, has been doing business since 2002. It has since that time completed over 700 transactions. Besides Australia, EFC has offices in eight other countries.


Dr. Imaran Haque Mission Forward

Diabetes is a horrible disease that impacts not only millions of patients, but also the families that accompany the patient. This disease impacts the body both mentally and physically causing depression. Medical advances and studies have provided routine practice to combat the disease. Dr. Imran Haque, a medical Dr. who is a licensed internist in North Carolina, is motivated and shares it to every patient he encounters. His carefulness and understanding makes him stand out from most physicians. His dedication to help in anyway possible to deduce the effects is just another goal he strives for with each and every patient he encounters.

Dr. Imran Haque is very well conditioned in the medical field. He works extensively everyday in studies and practices to assure successful treatment to patients. This comes as no surprise as the college that he graduated from is commonly known for collaboration and team work. Managing diabetes is no easy task and Dr. Imran is one of the few dedicated and professionally equipped to manage patients. With the emotional effects that diabetes drag with it, having a joyful and hopeful mindset is essential. Dr. Imran Haque is avid with engaging in activities with his patients. Creating innovative medical practices, helps in reassuring the patient’s hope, and ultimately helps in combating the disease day by day. He also provides advice to his patients after treatments assuring trust between himself and his patients. Achieving the small goal of reassurance with the patient is just one of the many goals that Dr. Imran Haque strives for. Every patient is a mission forward to combat the pessimistic disease called diabetes. He provides hope and reassurance one patient at a time. Dr. Imran Haque’s drive and mentality is an example to other medical doctors who are willing to give the same effort.

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An Insight into the Birth of Frontera Fund

In October 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by the deputies of the Maricopa sheriff well known as the “Selective Enforcement Unit.” The two founders of the Village Voice Media were forced out of their homes located in Phoenix. They were later pushed into black SUVs which had Mexican number plates and jailed separately in cells which were managed by Joe Arpaio. This arrest was carried out by Arpaio who was known to be the toughest and youngest sheriff in America.


The two were put into custody due to the information they had spread through their media about the sheriff’s poor governance and misdeeds. Joe Arpaio was accused of fostering the anti-Mexican fear mongering and also posturing politics through his capacity as a sheriff in Arizona. The duo had also published about office mismanagement and financial irregularities in the Sheriff’s office through the New York Times. The unhealthy conditions of the Arpaio jails and torturing to death of the inmates were also exposed. Joe Arpaio was also accused of practicing racism among the Latin American.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were also involved in the publishing of a story of how Arpaio had violated the Constitution. With effect to this, Arpaio and his friends in the attorney’s office of Maricopa sought for a grand jury subpoenas for the details of the two media persons. However, Michael and Jim did not honor the subpoenas but instead wrote about it. The arrest caused unrest among the loyal patriots of the nation and due to their loud cry, the two were released, and all charges against them were dropped immediately. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey also filed a lawsuit against their arrest based on abuse of power and the first amendment rights. In 2012, the court of appeals also criticized the arrest due to the violation of the amendment bill. The ninth circuit also noted that the grand jury subpoenas were illegal since the attorney had not followed the right legal procedures.


The outcome of the case favored Jim and Michael, and they were entitled to get $3.7 million settlement amount from the Maricopa County. This money was used by the duo to establish the Frontera Fund which was to fight against racism and civil rights abuse around the Hispanic community. In 2014 when the elections were heating up, the Frontera Fund was also used to fund nonprofit organizations that advocated for the rights of Mexican immigrants.


Lacey and Larkin’s New Publication – Front Page Confidential

Most people would be happy to put a difficult lawsuit in their past and continue on with their lives, not Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. After their unlawful arrest, their lawsuit and then a 3.75 million dollar settlement, Lacey and Larkin have decided to continue fighting against their oppressor: Joe Arpaio


Lacey and Larkin have created two new organizations to become their catalyst against Joe Arpaio and others like him.


Joe Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt of court in the Summer of 2017. Had it not been for being offered a pardon by President Trump, Arpaio would have most likely been sentenced to six months in prison.


Arpaio’s criminal activities do not stop there, many say. In 1993, he employed a self proclaimed concentration camp to house prisoners and more recently he violated Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Constitutional Rights. Arpaio arrested them for publishing a story concerning his illegal activities in The Phoenix New Times.


As previously mentioned, the two journalists walked away with a hefty settlement, but what they did with the money is the more impressive feat. The two journalists created Front Page Confidential and The Frontera Fund.


Front Page Confidential became their prime publication after they sold off The Phoenix New Times. Unlike their previous paper, the new one will focus on particular issues such as civil rights and politics.


The other organization, The Frontera Fund, is a fundraising organization that sponsors causes relating to immigration, civil rights, and migrant rights.


By using The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential, the two victims of Arpaio, after seeing the damage done by the former sheriff, wish to right those wrongs. They are using the two new organizations to better the community and to prevent politicians such as Arpaio from getting away with immoral and illegal actions.


Aloha Construction’s Mark of Excellence

Aloha restoration Co. is a part of Aloha Construction Company and is based in Florida. It specializes in restoring the home after flooding, general remodeling, board up, carpet cleaning, and sump pumps. Problems such as mold trouble in the home, a flooded basement or outdated spaces are easily solvable justifying the term- Home remodeling and restoration experts.

A perk that Aloha restoration offers is a free in-home assessment. They are tech certified with the Institute of Cleaning, Inspection, and Restoration to turn a space that is a waste into a dream home. They give life to kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and more from minor remodeling and cleanups to major additions in the home. Fire, water, and odor restoration are their main branches of expertise. Not only are they quick and reliable but also very affordable.

Aloha restoration branched out of Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction is a family-owned company headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company offers contractor services to Illinois and Southern Wisconsin residents. They are trusted roofers analyzing the need for roof replacement away from aging. If at all damage is detected on your roof, you will be assisted to choose a high-quality shingle and attach a warranty to the project of 10 years.

Aloha Construction consists of a trusted group of roofers who have specialized in licensed and insured siding having completed 18000 jobs in the Northwest Chicago suburbs. Aloha Construction can replace, install, or repair your home siding as well as channeling water away from your home. These are some of the preventative steps that can be taken to ensure that your home is well protected.

The company also offers services such as door installation, window replacement, and assistance with your home’s fascia and soffit. Aloha is generally about giving life to your home and making it a place you love to be in as opposed to a mess you are constantly trying to run away from.


George Soros’ Journey to an Open Society

George Soros is of Hungarian descent, from the darker Nazi times. In the 1940s, the Nazis went on a rampage, killing over 500,000 Jews in Hungary. At this point, Soros’ parents changed their identity from Schwartz to the now Soros to survive the attack on Jews. Once they had concealed their backgrounds, they helped other Jews escape the Nazis. It’s at this tender age that he learnt that there needs to be someone speaking and fighting for the voiceless and minorities.George Soros is one of the world’s greatest philanthropist, having donated over $12 billion over the years. Usually, he focuses on uplifting those shunned by the world for who they are. He believes that these organisations and individuals should fight for freedom of expression, transparency, justice, and equality. Groups such as LGBTIs, drug users, and sex workers have also been marginalised, and he feels it’s only fair that they are treated fairly.

To support his studies in the London school of economics, George worked two jobs. He had just migrated from Budapest to London and dreamt of success in finance and investments. In 1970, he launched the Soros fund management that set his pace as one of the greatest investors in the USA.In 1979, Soros established the open society foundations, motivated by Karl poppers book, open society, and its enemies. The book argues that the world can flourish when allowed freedom of expression, democracy, and respect for individual rights. With this principle, Soros sets out to change the world. At first, his foundation aided in business development, independence for media, advancing justice, public health, education, etc. His organization helps numerous causes, over 500 pages such as: combating brain drain in Europe, aiding natural disaster regions, and financial assistance for Russian University systems, among many others.

In the fight against apartheid, Soros was on the front line giving scholarships to South African students. This was at the end of the cold war, and he was extending his philanthropy into Africa, Asia, and the United States. In the 80s, eastern communist bloc wanted an open exchange of ideas. But in this era, a very unwelcome move in that period. Solos, however, ensured the provision of photocopiers to have idea exchanged on paper. George Soros(@georgesoros)|Twitter was one of the greatest critics on the war against drugs. It ensured that movements such as the medical marijuana were empowered and policies put in place to defend them.Over time, George Soros causes have evolved. One thing, however, remains same: his commitment to fighting the worlds intractable problems. He empowers people to handle even the most losing causes as he demonstrated over the years. His financial success gave him the independence to forge his path. Goerge Soros thus believes it is his calling to create a way for others in the world until the world can achieve an open society.

Using the Internet to Promote True Democracy

The internet is an extensive and far reaching network. It enables the development of a community if it is embraced. The internet has the capacity to generate resources for the society to grow positively. End Citizen United is using the power of the internet to develop democracy. End Citizen United is using the power of the internet to bring people together in order for them to vote leaders who are accountable to the community. It is unfortunate that the leaders in most of the nations are not accountable to their citizens. The association is using the power to mobilize people who will fund leaders without a financial muscle. This means that the people who are interested in becoming leaders can vie for leadership positions using the help of End Citizen United. End Citizen United has developed a method where people can offer financial aid for leaders who are not financially established. The association is funded by grassroots donors who do not have a self-interest of the money they donate. The association has helped a few leaders to gain power through the aid of End Citizen United.


The campaign is driven online. The funding is done online to avoid financial fraud. This shows that the state has people in power who are promoting the development of the community. The community has the honor of being served by the people of their choice. This shows that people can use leadership as a platform for development rather than an opportunity to gain power and wealth. It has promoted the development of solutions from a bottom-up approach. This means that the people can bring their solutions to the table using the leaders who they elected. This is a channel that makes the community powerful. It brings back the esteem of the leadership in the community. It is a community that creates patriotism within the society. This is because the people can understand their issues and fund leaders who prioritize these solutions. The solutions are for the development of the country at large. This is a channel of inclusive development.


The society should learn that they remain to be a sovereign body. Channels that promote the sovereignty of the society enables the development of the community. This means that the community can use various approaches to secure their sovereignty. It enables the people to develop in the long run. The people are now secured, and the leadership is forced to be accountable to the people. This promotes the inclusive development in the society. This is as a result of the power that is exercised by the society even when leaders are in the positions of power.


Logan Stout Is Helping People To Prosper Through IDLife

Logan Stout is a renowned entrepreneur and a committed philanthropist. He serves as the CEO and founder of IDLife, which is one of the successful companies in the health and wellness industry. The company has received positive reviews from physical therapists and fitness enthusiasts.

His business is based on the concept of personalized fitness and nutrition. It has expanded immensely as people continue to realize the greatness of the program. IDLife sells a wide range of nutrition supplements. Besides providing people with innovative products, the company offers over 14 ways through which associates can earn money. All one needs to do is to sign up and pay the startup fee.

Stout is also a motivational speaker. He travels to various part of the world sharing his story. His goal is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. Apart from IDLife, Stout is also the founder of the Dallas Patriots organization. The organization provides affordable camps, private lessons, and clinics to young people who seek to realize their full potential in baseball. Previously, Stout played baseball on a professional level. He also coached several youth teams. When he is not engaged in his speaking events, Stout spends time with his family.

About IDLife
IDLife is a health and wellness firm that was incorporated in 2014. The company specializes in the field of personalized nutrition. IDLife is committed to developing original products using organic ingredients. Notably, the company pays much attention to quality and purity of its products. To this end, each product is well researched before it can be used. In addition, the recommendations made by IDLife are based on studies that are supported by scientific reasons.

IDLife provides people with personalized solutions, which are customized based on their health factors and personal goals. The company seeks to develop solutions based on the distinctive targets and needs of each individual. Additionally, IDLife works closely with their clients and employees. The entity seeks to empower people financially. It is for this reason that IDLife offers people with adequate resources to enable them to make informed decisions. Many people have prospered through IDLife’s noble programs.

Aloha construction to venture into interior restoration and remodeling beginning May 2017

Illinois-based Aloha Construction Inc has stated that its annual roofing and siding season is under way. However, this year’s season will be better. A new interior restoration and remodeling unit has been rolled out. This adds to the already existing restoration services that mainly focused on the exterior.


David Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha Construction Inc, said that he was excited with the progress they were making as a company. He said that this new interior restoration service was aimed at enhancing the quality of their work. It would also offer customers with a better experience. The new unit would have its office near the Lake Zurich headquarters of the company.


Farbaky added that interior restoration is not an entirely new thing to them. They have been offering interior restoration services passively since their inception in 2008. They have done hundreds of kitchen and bathroom remodels since 2008. With all this experience the company feels it is high time they officially added this service to their list.


The new interior restoration unit will be versatile offering remodeling, restoration, disaster aid and clean up services for the people of Illinois and South Wisconsin. Bathrooms, kitchen, water extraction, and basements are their major target market niches. Dwellers of Southern Illinois can access these services by contacting the Aloha construction offices at New Bloomington.


About Aloha Construction, Inc.


Aloha Construction is an Illinois-based family-owned general construction company. This bonded and insured company offers quality construction services to the people of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha Construction focuses on Roofing, exterior, and interior restoration services. The company has so far completed more than 20,000 projects.


With its headquarters in Lake Zurich and a subsidiary office in Bloomington, Aloha Construction has been able to serve the Midwest effectively. At Aloha construction quality is taken seriously as their ten-year craftsmanship warranty indicates. To inquire or learn more about their services visit Visit their website alohaconstructioninc.net.