An Overview of the Most Edited Articles on Wikipedia in 2016

Wikipedia revealed the articles that were edited the most in 2016. There are some that were no surprise like articles on Brexit, Orlando nightclub shooting and recent controversial topics and news. There were a few mysterious ones like an article on RuPaul’s Drag Race and another on Beverley Gray – a character subject in a number of mystery stories (26) series written in the period of 1934-1955.

Most Edited Articles

An article featuring Vincent Van Gogh was edited on occasions running into thousands in 2016. A large number of the editors made the edits in the hope of clarifying various misunderstandings concerning the artist. They also hoped to achieve the “featured” status on the page. The article that recorded the most Wikipedia edits was the one on Deaths in 2016 which was edited a record 18,230 times. A number of notable figures died in 2016 among them Janet Reno, David Bowie, Gwen Ifill, John Glenn, Muhammad Ali, Fidel Castro among others.

Donald Trump’s article was the second on the list with 8,933 edits as at December 21, 2016. If history repeats itself, then it is expected that Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page will generate more scrutiny in the coming days. George W Bush’s article holds the record for the most Wikipedia revisions in the history of the site, according to the Wikimedia Foundation. At the last count, the article had garnered 45,862 revisions.

“Fake News”

Fake news have become prevalent in this era, making the input of Wikipedia editors more important than ever before. This has seen an entry for “Fake news website” on the website gain popularity over the last one month. The entry recorded about 1,000 Wikipedia edits in December’s first two weeks.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page for Online Reputation or Business

When making a search query using Google, you always notice that relevant Wikipedia links appear among the top five results in the results page. This can be exploited to market your brand or its online presence. Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia online but it does not hire writers like others do. It is a form of an open source website that if well exploited can become a useful online marketing tool for both businesses and personal brands. You should get your wiki where there are a number of knowledgeable Wikipedia editors who will help to edit or make a Wikipedia page on your behalf.

Wikipedia occupies a prime real estate on the results page of search engines like Google. It appears on the first five spots therefore giving your brand or company the much needed SEO boost for free. This will impact positively on your brand’s visibility, sales and integrity. Get your Wiki today and get professional writers help you edit or make a Wikipedia page for your business and reap the huge benefits.

Covers.Com: From Week 17 to the Super Bowl

Right now, we are currently in the time of the year where the NFL could not be more exciting. It is week 17 and there is a lot on the line for a lot of different teams. They need to know their playoff spot, if they will make the playoffs, and what their path will be to the Super Bowl. This is when NFL viewership is through the roof. As we saw last week, things can change in an instant. On, they have an article on the impact of Derek Carr’s injury on the spread.

When it comes to the NFL, it is something that people pay attention to at all times. There is an entire network devoted to covering the NFL and talking about it in the NFL Network. On ESPN, there are stories all of the time. It is, without question, the most popular sport in the world. That is why wants to make sure NFL bettors have everything they need to get their NFL odds right. They want people to win. Unlike some other sites, they want people to be successful. As mentioned, this is when the heat is really turned up as it all leads to Super Bowl odds.

The interesting thing about Super Bowl odds is that even non-football fans take place in making bets and they can bet on everything from the coin toss to the first score. With football odds, is going to lay it all on the line. This way, when the Super Bowl rolls around and it usually happens before we know it, you can have the Super Bowl odds ready. NFL odds are so exciting because the sport is so unpredictable, but that is a good thing. If it were easy, everyone and anyone would have success, especially with football odds.

Since it takes research, listening to the experts and doing your homework, it means something extra special when someone does win their Super Bowl odds. That is what they have waited for and why they have been involved in football odds and NFL odds all season long and followed so many games. That is the big pay off. As the years go on and times go by, it is sure to only grow in popularity, and that is the beauty of it. It never gets tired and it never grows stale, that is for sure. It only gets more engrossing.

How to Select a Party Planner

Events can be stressful to plan. From corporate events to personal parties, event planners in NYC are plentiful and it may take some time to choose them. There are some steps that can be taken to choose an event planner that will fit your event and its needs.

The biggest step is to make sure to understand the reason behind the event. You need to set the event objective to know why you are having the festivities in the first place. Then ask yourself why are you hiring a planner. There needs to be a reason why you are involving an outside person in your event. What is that person handling that you can not handle? Importantly, a budget needs to be set. How much are you willing to spend?

Events are not easy and it is important to find a qualified event planner. Professional associations, chambers of commerce, hotels, and your own research are the best ways to find planners to start interviewing. When you interview, make sure to interview more than one event planner. Provide them as much details about the event as possible, and check their references. Make sure to check every detail of an event planner and plan to hire, fire, and possibly rehire planners. Events can be stressful times.

Event planning companies in NYC offer a wide range of services not available with just one planner. Twenty three layers, a Manhattan based design firm, offers a full range of services for personal and corporate events. They offer event planning services that give attention to details. They use the latest in trends to create an unforgettable experience. Twenty three layers offers a full service party planning design for their clients to take the burden of off them. Their events have whimsical details and delectable food to create the ultimate event.

Find them in NY:
420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

A carbon free environment by Cotemar

The world would be a better place with more companies like Cotemar. Physically located in Mexico, Cotemar is prominent for its productive services covering the petroleum, offshore construction and maritime services. With over 36 years experience in the maintenance and specialization of ships, Cotemar ranks a top service deliverer. Not only does the company serve the public sector but also the private sector.

Services Offered

Focused on delivering quality services, Cotemar Mexico capitalizes on construction, engineering and marine industries. In the construction sector, Cotemar concentrates on the innovation processes at the centers to cultivate modernization. For the clients, the company provides offshore installations including the marine gear services. Apart from providing naval support through particular vessels, the company offers private carriers, towing tools, fire boats and specialized carriers for clients. Most the vital point is, there is no need to worry about the quality of services offered by Cotemar because the company goes through a routine inspection to ensure safety on With the checkups, security is guaranteed.

Mission, Vision, Commitment

At Cotemar, the employees find pride in offering high-quality services. Through the efficient strategies implemented by the staff, Cotemar offers top notch marine services. In addition to being a constantly developing company that thrives in new enterprises linked to the oil industry on
, Cotemar focuses on effective communication and innovation. Through this, the company participates in active manufacturing processes to meet client’s demands.

Apart from being consistent and honest, Cotemar commits to acting in an ethical manner on service delivery. With the three values, there is an explicit representation of the company’s image. According to most clients’ reviews on, the staff treats the demands of customers as an obligation by approaching each customer individually to satisfy their needs. From straightforwardness to simplicity, all values are upheld in the company; giving the company the space to grow gradually. To expand its territory, Cotemar challenges its staff to widen the thinking for better strategies that will maintain its clients.


For Cotemar, all employees acknowledge that their activity mostly contributes to the generation of hydrocarbon. Because of that understanding, the company ensures that all activities capitalize on strategized processes actively implemented for the betterment of nature and the society. Through its compliance to the international standards of legalities, the company has developed. Through the policies of the company, staff adheres to the rules to curb environmental pollution. Established in 1979, Cotemar ranks a top service provider in the energy and gas industry in Mexico.


Billy McFarland’s Magnises Concept Is Perfect For Millennials

College is not for everybody. The list of college dropouts that have made an impact on the business world grows every year. One of those dropouts is Short Hills, New Jersey native, Billy McFarland. McFarland is the 24-year-old whiz kid that founded Spling four years ago. Spling is the online advertising platform that uses pictures instead of words to sell goods and services. According to Forbes, Billy McFarland built an impressive list of clients over the last four years.

Billy was having dinner with friends in New York City one night, and the conversation around the table turned to credit cards. Millennials want to change some of the antiquated systems that the Baby Boomers established or followed for the last four or five decades. Billy’s friends thought credit cards should do more than give credit, and McFarland agreed with them.

After giving the conversation a lot of thought, Billy McFarland approached some experts in the credit card industry, and he explained a new business idea he had. The idea was to design a credit card that could be linked to a personal debit or credit card, so it acted like a true credit card, but it did a lot more than give credit to the holder.

The investors that heard McFarland’s pitch thought he had a great idea. Billy raised more than $3 million in venture capital to start a Millennial social club called, Magnises. Magnises is a modern day club for Millennials that can afford a $250 annual membership fee.

Magnises members are given a black metal credit looking membership card, and that entitles them to dine or see an art show at McFanland’s West Village townhouse. Members can also book table reservations at exclusive restaurants and trendy nightclubs. Discounts on branded merchandise and hotel rooms are also available.

Magnises members are offered special deals by the partners McFarland recruited. Those partnerships have helped make Magnises a success. Magnises is making money, and the concept is only in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. There are 12,000 current members, and applications for new memberships is off the charts. Billy plans to expand the concept to LA, London, Atlanta, and Boston in 2017.

Marc Sparks Aims For Collaboration

As so many businessmen know, collaboration is highly important. In any business, it is imperative to make sure that all members of the team are on board and understand the goals and aims of the organization in front of them. Each team member must be fully prepared to work hard with others.

This is a philosophy that Marc Sparks fully understands. As a business entrepreneur, he brings over three decades of experience to the table to any business venture that he wishes to start. It is with that goal in mind that he has worked even harder lately to help make sure that collaboration continues to be a byword in all of his business efforts.

A New Expansion Effort

After over ten years in their original location, Marc Sparks has decided a change in is order for him and his business. As the owner of the highly respected Timber Creek Capital, he has seen many changes in business.

In an effort to help continue to provide support for those who wish to get his mentoring help, he has decided that it makes sense for him to move his offices to a setting that he knows will be fully optimized for all of his plans for multiple efforts at collaboration with others. He knows that this new location should be highly conducive to creating all kinds of startup incubation as business people look for capital.

Marc Sparks is a highly respected a serial entrepreneur who has invested in various kinds of business ventures over the last several decades. His owner private equity firm is one that is noted for serving entrepreneurs who are interested in developing many types of new businesses and transforming them into revenue generating companies that can stand up for the long haul and truly serve the needs of the public.

Three Different Companies

The new start means that he can now host three different companies in this new office. As a result, he can offer even more help for all those who need it. His plans are to provide even more assistance than ever for those in search of capital help.

With this new office, he also hopes to show people how they can find the difference between success and failure. Marc knows that it important to make sure that all company innovators are aware of exactly how to bring their ideas from idea to functional company.



Malini Saba has Become An Inspiration to Women

Malini Saba has been able to influence a lot of people. I am a big fan of what she has done over the years. I have seen her rise in her profession, and I have been thrilled to see how she has moved from one level to the next. She has been able to move up in the finance world and become one of the top investors, and this is all a sign of her hard work, time management and expert risk taking.


I certainly think that she has been able to provide a lot of insight to people like myself that would like a career in venture capital funding. I never thought that this was something that women could do. I never saw women in a position of power like this, but now I know that there are women that do this. Malini Saba is a strong woman that showed me that there were women that were able to master the art of building up businesses from the ground up. I didn’t know that there were any women that were doing what Malini was doing, but she shows me that there was new ground for women in business. She was part of an elite group of women that shows that there was more to life than just being under the leadership of another man in charge. What Malini Saba has shown me is that there are women that can excel in a lot of different aspects of the business world.


It is gratifying to see someone like this that has not come from a privileged life, but she still rose to the top anyway. To me, this shows that anyone can do it. Malini Saba proves that there are no excuses unless you are the one that is making excuses for yourself. She has proven that women can break beyond the barriers that have been placed upon them and do so many great things. That’s how I have perceived her in the last several years. She has become this wonderful example of a woman that masters time and finance. She is an outstanding leader that has managed to build up a successful portfolio for many clients. She has proven that she is good at her job and that she deserves all the accolades that have been bestowed upon her. Malini Saba is an inspiration to business women.

How Organo Gold Is Changing The Coffee Industry

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of many cultures. There are a lot of benefits that people get from drinking coffee. However, a lot of people are also carrying the mentality that coffee is not the healthiest drink. Fortunately, companies like Organo Gold is working hard to change that perception.

Organo Gold carries perhaps one of the healthiest coffee drinks and even beverages because of an ingredient called ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient mushroom that has grown in various parts of Asia. It has been used for treating different illnesses. Organo Gold was made with the purpose of bringing this herb to the rest of the world.

The company was started with a vision. The man with the vision is Bernardo Chua. He is the one who has seen the benefits that come with ganoderma and had the vision of bringing the herb to others outside of Asia. One vision that he had was that of a healthier world. He believes that the benefits of this herb can be brought to various countries throughout the globe.

Therefore, he has worked on expanding his country to different parts of the world so that he is able to see people adopt a healthier lifestyle with the help of Organo Gold coffee.

With the leadership of Bernardo Chua, Organo Gold has expanded to different territories throughout the world. Among the countries that Organo Gold has expanded into is Turkey. This is considered significant in that this country is where coffee has first originated. This allows people to enjoy the benefits of the product that they themselves have invented.

They also get to experience the difference that the herb known as ganoderma makes in their lives. One good thing about the health benefits of the product that people in Turkey can enjoy is that it is very helpful for them since they have a renewed fashion for living an active and healthy life.  Also be sure to follow Bernardo on his social media accounts, including Facebook, and Twitter.

The Lovaganza Releases Statements About Its Dates On The Highly Anticipated World Wide Celebrations

About Lovaganza
Lovaganza is a branding and planning practice that involves a couple of separate groups. These include the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Foundation was established with the primary objectives of providing universal entertainment to inspire and marvel global audiences. The Foundation was also developed to offer encouraging contacts and support of the comprehensive and regional programs of the world. The Foundation has organized a worldwide celebration that will be hosted in different countries. The celebrations will involve movies demonstrations on about the major cultures of the world.

Lovaganza Celebrations of 2020
The celebrations were originally planned for 2015 buy were postponed for 2020. Lovaganza festivities were rescheduled to allow the event organizers to create better familiarity with the diverse cultures of the world and utilize the emerging technology. This couple of month celebrations will travel around Europe, the Middle East, Asia, America Africa, and Oceania. The festival is planned to happen from May until September of 2020 in eight different spots around the world.

The Lovaganza Traveling Shows
The celebration will be sustained through Traveling Shows that will present models of the Lovaganza 3D glasses-free and immersive cinematic experience ahead of the actual 2020 festival. The travel shows will start in 2017. The travel shows will be marked by the release of three major films showcased on the Lovaganza standard3D and 2D theaters.

The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy Films
The Lovaganza convoy trilogy aims to take the event participants to a whole new level of cinematic experience through its cinema media. The films are created of mystery, comedy, suspense, and drama that have never been seen before. The bohemian adventure-motivated festival will use bedazzling modern entertainment films to showcase the cultures of the world. The movies will be nostalgic of the bygone International Festivals and reminiscent of the classic Cinerama experience. The videos will be displayed on the current Immerscope display screens that form an immersive cinematic experience. These movies have already begun production in major world countries like Spain, the United States, and France. The Lovaganza Convoy has started Filming in Frigiliana in Spain. Lovaganza group is led by Producers, Writers, and Directors like Genevieve Gagnon and J.F. Gagnon. The Frigiliana crew is responsible for filming the trilogy’s second movie known as Marie-Ange Casta. Other globally well-known film producers have also embarked on filming the Lovaganza trilogy. Some of these producers include the Sunshine Shop, Werner Bros Studios, Hollywood California, Lancaster movies, among many others.

The Lovaganza celebration aims to use dramatic and full of suspense movies to take the festival participants to a whole new level of cultural experience at The Lovaganza celebrations will be reminiscent of the customary Global Festivals and plan to unfold an extraordinary immersive cultural journey across the globe. The cultural adventure-inspired global travel will help to discover the world’s unique cultural beauty, ancient knowledge, and customs. The Lovaganza Celebrations aims for timeless music, old words of wisdom and dances, and the dreams of the creative minds. Lovaganza can be contacted on both Facebook at Lovaganza official page and Twitter at @Lovaganza.

Ricardo Tosto: Top Business Lawyer in Brazil

Understanding the ins and outs of the legal process can be daunting at times, even when the legal situation is a positive one such as opening a business or merging an existing business with another person.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto, founding partner of Leite in Brazil has over 20 years of experience with business law. In addition to being a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, Mr. Tosto is a member of the International Bar Association, and the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre. A former President of the Sao Paulo Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary, Mr. Testo has published several articles and reviews in legal journals, and is a frequent speaker at legal conferences and events. Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Tosto still found time to co-author a book, “O Processo de Tiradentes”. Mr. Tosto has always had an interest in the legal world, having studied law at Mackenzie University, he later obtained a degree in business administration from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado.

If you are looking for a lawyer that has experience with both small businesses and large corporations alike, Mr. Tosto has had extensive experience dealing with both aspects of the law. He started his practice in a one room office where he dealt with every day business legal issues and later, as the office and clientele grew, more complex aspects of business dealings such as arbitration and judicial legislation began to be handled by Mr. Tosto and the other lawyers the firm.

As you can see, Mr. Tosto has the legal experience and knowledge to deal with any situation that may arise in your business.