Lori Senecal is a woman who has made her mark as a leader in business and advertising operations all over the world. Some companies where she has worked and positions held are: McCann Worldgroup, Global Chief Innovation Officer; McCann Erikson in New York, President; Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS), Global Chairman & CEO; and currently Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP&B) [a company of eight hundred employees], where she is Global CEO and is responsible for managing ten international offices that promote economic growth and prosperity globally. She and the companies she has worked for have been recognized with many top honors and awards. A couple to mention are: “Agency Executives to Watch in 2016” and “Most Creative People in Business in 2017”. She is also known to encourage other women by promoting them to top executive positions. For more details visit Inspirery.


Lori Senecal grew up in Montreal, Canada and attended McGill University, one of Canada’s top universities, where she earned her marketing and sales degree. According to LinkedIn, she has always been a self-motivator, even at a young age, working tirelessly to be successful in whatever she attempts. She is innovative, has a strong personality and “out-of-the-box thinking” that constitutes her advertising and technology ideas. She is ambitious and sets high standards for herself that all combine to define who she is as a person. Check out Media post for more.


Lori Senecal attributes her success to her years as a coach in gymnastics. The goals she set for herself as a coach such as being a leader for the team, creating a plan for winning; realizing the importance of compassion and striving to do the best of her abilities, all combined in helping her excel in her business career. She also gives credit to her parents and mentors and states that your own money-making comes from others making money. She realizes that her work in creating top advertising campaigns is due to creative ideas and thinking, teamwork, and her clients and partners. Together, they all have assisted her in becoming the accomplished person she is today. She says her contentment comes from knowing her clients are happy and satisfied with her work!



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Lori Senecal the Big Name in a Competitive Industry

News is always a closely watched event in the world of business as it has the capacity to influence decisions made in the corridors of major corporate entities and shaking stock markets around the world. That is why you will be right to guess that the news that Lori will exit from CP $ B early this year was not taken so lightly by players in the industry. Speculation on who will fit into her shoes in the agency that she’s been the central force is rife.

Lori Senecal is a name associated with success in the advertising world. Before working with Co- Global she was the co- founder of the House Worldwide and prior to that worked Publicis where she rose the ranks to be a chief operating officer. Her appointment therefore in 2015 to head the new structure Co- Global did not surprise many. Known for characteristic appetite for attempting new ventures and uneasiness in a comfort zone made her the correct choice.

That she managed to sign a business deal with the American Airline is not the major show of her prowess but that she actually managed to snatch the deal away from TM another advertising giant who did business for American Airline for 25 years. The deal showed the confidence that business world bestowed on her.

According to mediapost.com, the McGill University graduate has bagged several awards for example in 2013 she received honors at the AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap award for innovation and leadership, and in 2014, in 2016 under her leadership SP $ B was honored as the “Creativity Innovator of the Year” as she was identified among only four executives to pay attention to this year, Lori was also named among AdAge’s “Women to Watch.” She sits in the Ad Council BOD.

That Lori has left a trail of success in the industry is not something you can wash away anytime soon. The clinching of successful deals like the Infiniti, Hershey and Paypal accounts proves that one needs extra ordinary prowess to outsmart players in the industry. Follow Lori on Twitter.


What Made Lori Senecal One of the Most Respected and Trusted Leaders in the Industry

Lori Senecal is many things to many people. For business, she is one of the best leaders for the companies she works for. One of the reasons that she is such a good leader is that she leads her companies to a much greater position in the industry. It is not common for her to take a mere local company and blow it up into a global enterprise. For one thing, she comes up with all of the valuable and innovative solutions for people to use when it comes to advertising. People that use these solutions are often happier tan before they used it.

One of the best traits that Lori Senecal has developed is her leadership skills. Lori has been developing her leadership skills ever since she was in school. She has coached gymnastics where she has learned the value of patience. She has also learned how to talk to people in ways that encourage them so that they can perform at their best. Lori has brought everything she learned about coaching to the business world. She is someone who is very confident. At the same time, she is not one of the loudest people in the room. She has more confidence in the way she does things.

Another reason that Lori Senecal is such a good asset to the businesses she leads is that she is very perceptive and able to look out for any major changes. This helps her come up with some adjustments that are going to be good for her company. With advertising, she is always able to come up with ideas on how they can engage the customers of their clients. While other advertising agencies might be concerned about the next few years, Lori Senecal has the needed solution that is going to bring people to the level that they need to be in the new era of marketing. You can follow her Twitter page.

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