Matthew Fleeger’s Path To Success

Matthew Fleeger is the very successful CEO of Gulf Coast Western, but he didn’t start his career here. Matthew attended Southern Methodist University where he gained vast knowledge on marketing and finance. He got his inspiration from his father who owned a successful oil and gas company.

Fleeger job hopped for seven years while trying to gain substantial experience in his field. He successfully excelled in management roles of the companies he worked for. Although he had numerous companies in Texas eagerly wanting to hire him, Fleeger took a position at Gulf Coast Western which was his family’s company. His employment here was rewarding, but Fleeger had an urge to move on and find his own business. Fleeger founded his own company, MedSolutions in 1993 which managed and disposed of medical wastes.

Over the next 14 years, until 2007, Matthew Fleeger brought MedSolutions to industry-wide success. After much negotiating, he sold MedSolutions to an organization called Stericycle for $59 million. Fleeger then returned to Gulf Coast Western and took the position of president for the company. He remains the very successful president of Gulf Coast Western to this day.

After returning to his family business in 2007, Fleeger purchased the assets of another oil company to grow the financial backing and client base of Gulf Coast Western. This led to the bounding success of Gulf Coast Western and what it is today.

Matthew Fleeger attributes a big part of his success in his entrepreneurial companies to honesty, integrity and creativity for himself, his employees and his clients. Fleeger believes that without these three principles, Gulf Coast Western would not be the successful company it is today.

In addition, Fleeger attributes his productiveness to spending the first part of every day with his children his inspiration, and brings them to school.

Steve Ritchie Initiates A National Diversity Campaign in A Bid to Save the Reeling Papa John’s

When it comes to Papa John’s, the new chief executive officer, Steve Ritchie, believes in a host of factors that have kept it going and how they will eventually pull it out of the ditches. He believes in the company’s diversity that has brought together over 120,000 individuals to work towards similar goals, pushing Papa John’s forward. He also believes in the communities in which its franchises operate. And more importantly, he believes in its management, its franchise owners and their employees as well as its institutional and individual customers that he fondly refers to as the Pizza makers most important ingredient.

Steve Ritchie has, therefore, launched a diversity campaign aimed at reminding each of these contributor’s, the significant role they play in the success of the brand as well as how the brand can help them in return. The launch and call to action were however preceded by a heartfelt apology by Steve to the Pizza giant’s customers and the general public in which he makes public is diversity program. He, however, acknowledges that the company didn’t live up to the consumer’s expectations and thanks them for holding the company and its employees accountable.

About the diversity initiative

The initiative primarily focuses on the brand’s culture and outlook in the eyes of the customer. T this effect, Steve Ritchie has called in a team of communication experts onboard to help the company’s management team understand the role their unconscious bias has on their communication. He hopes to extend this to all the franchises in a bid to help them improve their customer interactions.

Steve further understands that the company’s downfall was ignited by, and rightly so, the minority groups in the country, that also forms the bulk of the company’s labor force. He has, therefore, come up with a plan of restoring their trust in the brand and interest in the company products.

To start off, he is dedicating more resources towards the support and expansion of minority-owned franchises a gesture of goodwill. The company head has also pledged to dedicate even more resources towards supporting community projects geared toward bringing people together.

Guilherme Paulus Is Not Only A Hotelier But A Philanthropist

Award-winning hotelier and entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus has been building his career in the industry since his early 20’s. He is the founder of CVC Brazil in 1972, and is the chairman for GJP Hotels and Resorts. Guilherme won Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2017 for his work in the hotelier business.

His drive for excellence came from a very young age, and it shows in his work. His businesses are the largest tour operator in Latin America because he ultimately focuses on providing guests with the best customer service possible.

Before his work in the hospitality industry, Guilherme Paulus worked at IBM, the well-known computer manufacturing company. Since the entrepreneur is from Brazil, he started his company in the city where he was born, São Paulo. CVC Brazil is only growing with time. As of now, it makes about $5.2 billion dollars of revenue each year. This includes 100 new stores each year in malls around the country of Brazil.

The successful entrepreneur does not take his success for granted. He really values social responsibility and being a role model in his community. Guilherme Paulus has worked with many organizations that are on a mission to help. His company CVC Brazil, has supported institution that helps impoverish youth with psychological counseling sessions, medical care, and educational classes. They are called the Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution. Another organization Guilherme Paulus works with that help disadvantaged children, is the PIET project. They specialize in helping children who want to work in the tourism industry. The last children focused organization the successful entrepreneur works with is the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism.

Back in Guilherme’s youth, the businessman studied business administration in college. This would help him in the real world when he would start his own company. Mr. Paulus put his education to good use since then. For almost 15 years, he has been a member for the National Tourism of Council. Guilherme Paulus is now looking to the future to expand. He wants to create new hotel chains that appeal to a new market of tourists.

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Stream Energy On Its Community – Focused Efforts

Business exists to make money, but Stream Energy has proved that this is not the only locus it has. Besides being one the largest service provider in the United States, Stream Energy is committed to their social responsibility function in cognition to the non-monetarized value you obtain. How so, eventually these stunts get to increase the clienteles and hence the business operations.

First forward, stream energy does no segregate who it can work with and who it cannot. It offers open opportunities for all using the Multi-Level Marketing model where you can join in any capacity as an investor or as their independent associates. One gets attractive compensation and rewards for signing in new customers and for selling its line services and products. Besides, they value their associates and provides support and necessary resources in ensuring they work seamlessly.

Back in 2016, the company launched its Philanthropy arm and established Stream Cares. Through this patch, it has been able to get actively engaged in community projects. It recently built homes for the Hurricane Harvey victims in Dallas in conjunction with Hope Supply Co. It has also supported environmental conservation and management programs in the United States of America.

This patch recently launched Women of Power Program that ideally focuses on issues of women. It is tasked with the responsibility to grow them in all aspects of life, encourage their leadership, mentor their businesses. It occasionally organizes a Women of Power Retreat where they invite speakers to motivate, encourage and challenge them to become better citizens. The company has worked with the Armed Forces Giving Program (SAF), Operation Once in a Lifetime, Texas Tornado Benefit, Habitat for Humanity among other foundations and projects.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a Dallas based oil and gas company that offers energy services protective and home services that improve safety and security at home and offer identity monitoring features. This is interconnected with your smartphone to keep track of any event. it also offers wireless services such as Wi-Fi, data, hotspots, unlimited talk, communication gadgets and their accessories. These services are offered in Washington D.C, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and New York. Stream Energy is a leading energy provider.

A Look at the Forward-Looking Entrepreneur: Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has established many businesses in the tourism sector. In 1972, he combined efforts with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari to found CVC, a leading tour company in Brazil. CVC is one of his investments in the tourism industry that have flourished to build him a big name in the industry and propel him to financial success. He was captured as one of top 500 billionaires in the world by Forbes.

His humble beginnings dates back to 1949, when he was born in Sao Paulo. He led a normal childhood and went to college and majored on business administration. He worked in a few other companies before co-founding CVC. CVC started as a small tour operator in Brazil but over time, it grew rapidly to surpass incumbent companies and become the most preferred tour company in North America. The leadership Guilherme Paulus oversaw the introduction of contemporary travel packages that made the company the best choice for Brazilians.

In 2009, CVC needed more funding and Guiherme did not hesitate to seek the help of a global investment fund. The help he got propelled the company even further. A few years later, the company began trading its shares as a public company. Its net revenue has now hit $5.2 billion per year and considering the growth plans they have, the revenue could go off the roof. The company is going to open 100 stores every year and venture into less populated areas. The forward-thinking entrepreneur is also looking for an innovative solutions for connecting online vendors with physical stores.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels & Resorts. Since then, it has seen a great deal of success and currently, it controls more than 15 hotels in Brazil, thanks to $600 million he injected into the investment. Guilherme Paulus also established Webjet to become a large airline company in Brazil. All these efforts and ventures have impacted the tourism industry positively and he has been recognized widely for that. The French government was at the forefront commending him for the good work. Additionally, he has received many accolades including “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, “Revolutionary Consumer Relations Award” and “Personality of the Year Award. He is a member of the National Tourism Council.

Stream Energy

Children are the innocent ones. They don’t know what causes homelessness. They don’t understand the meaning of downsizing or layoffs. Divorce is a foreign concept in their limited view of their small worlds. Children only know joy or pain, happy or sad, not cause and effect. They don’t get pink slips and eviction notices. They don’t compute mortgage rates and automobile interest loans. Their only concerns are fluffy the dog, favorite foods like pizza and peanut butter, and the little doll that gets them to sleep. Their best friend is a puppy or mom or dad. They get love and protection, and when their worlds are shattered, the shock is evidenced in their faces but lost on their minds. Stream Energy cares.

There is nothing in this world sadder than the face of a traumatized child. When a child loses their home, their sense of the world around them changes, and they are forced to grasp ideas and realities that their young minds were not yet meant to comprehend. The scars of devastation can stay with them throughout their lives well into adulthood. Homelessness has a psychological effect on children that often go untreated because families are severely cash-strapped. The parental focus is on housing while their own mental health goes unchecked. Homelessness is a terrible break to the family structure. It is one of the most difficult situations to have overcome. The Stream Energy foundation: Stream Cares, is a philanthropic organization that works in the Dallas community to assist families with recovery efforts from homelessness. Stream Energy partners with other organizations to bring smiles back to the faces of homeless children.

A day in a water park may not seem like much to someone who has lost their home, but Stream Energy knows how vital it is to restore children back to the natural state of being. Children smile and play; laugh and have fun; that is their natural way. The efforts of companies to help in the fight against homelessness is much appreciated, especially by those whose days were made brighter for just a moment.

Sussex Healthcare Likes to Show People Positive Experiences

Sussex Healthcare knows they have a lot of things they can do to help their patients. They believe in giving people a chance and providing them with things other companies might not be able to provide them with. They have a lot of hope for the future and they have the ability to make things easier on all the patients they work with. It’s their goal of helping that allows the company to see positive experiences and it’s something that will continue getting better no matter how hard they have to work to bring attention to the industry and the different things in the industry. They have a lot of hope for helping people in the future and that’s how they do the work the right way while they’re giving others the attention they need.

Between the things that Sussex Healthcare offers their patients and the way that Sussex Healthcare provides alternative solutions, they know how to help people. They give them things other companies might not be willing to do and that’s something that sets them apart from everyone else in the industry. Sussex is better than most and provides innovative solutions that will continue helping everyone with the issues they have. They believe in the power of healing people positively and that’s what allows them the chance to show people how things will keep getting better on their own.

There are things that make their facility better. Sussex Healthcare knows what people want. Even though they run a retirement home, they can show people that they’re doing things the right way by making sure everything keeps getting better. They focus on how they can give back to others and what they can do to make the retirement opportunities better. For Sussex, the point of all this is so they can make sure things will always be better than they were in the past. It’s how they put themselves out that allows them the chance to do things right. For Sussex, the point of doing all this is making sure they’re offering positive experiences for the people who live at their facilities.

Paul Herdsman Understands What it Takes to Build a Successful Company

Paul Herdsman is hard-working, dedicated, and has the know-how to run and maintain a very successful business. He is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global as well as the co-founder. NICE Global is a business solutions company in Montego Bay, Jamaica that was founded in 2004.


NICE Global helps companies that are wanting to retain their customers with lower overhead and much higher revenues. They are dedicated to delivering customer service outsourcing, after-hours support, technical support, and back-office operations. They also offer outsourced email services, company sales, up-selling services, and cross-selling services as well.


Led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global can alleviate a lot of the issues that their customers are experiencing. NICE Global provides professional answering services and ensures that customers always get to speak with a live operator rather than a machine when they call.


Paul Herdsman knows a thing or two about founding a successful company. He knows that it is important to make employees happy. If the employees of a company are happy, then it directly benefits the company. NICE Global values its employees both on a personal and a professional level.


Herdsman knows that it is very important to invest in the proper training for employees as well as rewarding employees for doing not only their job but for going above and beyond what is required of them. His company rewards its employees based on their performance, and they excel and get to the next level by helping the company to move forward and to become more successful.


Good employees need to be good, to begin with. No amount of training will help an employee to become a good employee for the company unless that have a good work ethic, to begin with. That is exactly what Paul Herdsman looks for when scouting out new employee prospects. Get Additional Information Here.


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