Construcap Growth Over Time

Many companies in Brazil are experiencing a fast rate of growth right now. There are a lot of people moving to the country, and the real estate market is hot. Construcap is a real estate company that is doing well financially. In the coming years, the company has a lot of plans to expand business to other areas of the real estate industry on If you want to invest in real estate or just buy a home, Construcap is the perfect company to work with.

Customer Service

One of the biggest features that separates Construcap from other companies is their customer service. This is a company that has consistently worked to help customers find the best deal for their situation at Before buying a home, you will be able to sit down with them and discuss your various financial goals. This is one of the biggest selling points for working with Construcap. Over the years, they have proven to truly care about customers.

Real Estate

Brazil is a nation that is growing rapidly, and housing prices on are starting to appreciate there as well. If you want to purchase a home, you need to be able to act quickly. Construcap will help you find a home before it hits the market, and this is a huge advantage for buyers looking to make a purchase on

A carbon free environment by Cotemar

The world would be a better place with more companies like Cotemar. Physically located in Mexico, Cotemar is prominent for its productive services covering the petroleum, offshore construction and maritime services. With over 36 years experience in the maintenance and specialization of ships, Cotemar ranks a top service deliverer. Not only does the company serve the public sector but also the private sector.

Services Offered

Focused on delivering quality services, Cotemar Mexico capitalizes on construction, engineering and marine industries. In the construction sector, Cotemar concentrates on the innovation processes at the centers to cultivate modernization. For the clients, the company provides offshore installations including the marine gear services. Apart from providing naval support through particular vessels, the company offers private carriers, towing tools, fire boats and specialized carriers for clients. Most the vital point is, there is no need to worry about the quality of services offered by Cotemar because the company goes through a routine inspection to ensure safety on With the checkups, security is guaranteed.

Mission, Vision, Commitment

At Cotemar, the employees find pride in offering high-quality services. Through the efficient strategies implemented by the staff, Cotemar offers top notch marine services. In addition to being a constantly developing company that thrives in new enterprises linked to the oil industry on
, Cotemar focuses on effective communication and innovation. Through this, the company participates in active manufacturing processes to meet client’s demands.

Apart from being consistent and honest, Cotemar commits to acting in an ethical manner on service delivery. With the three values, there is an explicit representation of the company’s image. According to most clients’ reviews on, the staff treats the demands of customers as an obligation by approaching each customer individually to satisfy their needs. From straightforwardness to simplicity, all values are upheld in the company; giving the company the space to grow gradually. To expand its territory, Cotemar challenges its staff to widen the thinking for better strategies that will maintain its clients.


For Cotemar, all employees acknowledge that their activity mostly contributes to the generation of hydrocarbon. Because of that understanding, the company ensures that all activities capitalize on strategized processes actively implemented for the betterment of nature and the society. Through its compliance to the international standards of legalities, the company has developed. Through the policies of the company, staff adheres to the rules to curb environmental pollution. Established in 1979, Cotemar ranks a top service provider in the energy and gas industry in Mexico.


The Venezuelan that Is Helping the World

For more than 20 years, David J. Osio, the financial counsel of Venezuelan origin, has been collaborating with non-profit organizations in order to support the scientific community, the arts, and music through his financial firm.

Osio is known for his local contributions. The businessman, after all, is known for helping considerably the communities in which his independent and licensed companies do business. Now that Osio operates Davos Financial Group from Miami, the Venezuelan has been helping several local foundations from Florida. Osio, who was a member for many years of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, has been donating to this famous foundation in order to keep it alive. According to Osio, this orchestra has been contributing culturally tremendously to the inhabitants of Florida since its foundation. Osio finds it rewarding to see the Miami Symphony Orchestra still running.

The founder of Davos Financial Group is also a famous supporter of international organizations. Osio is known for helping especially the medical community. Trough Davos Financial Group and its independent companies, he has, for example, been supporting the EPK events every year as well as the The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Osio thinks that not enough funding is going to such scientific institutions, and he hopes that other people with enough financial means could start helping as well in the future to this cause. According to Osio, funding this area of medical research is imperative. Osio is also a strong supporter of many other prominent organizations, such as the UMA and the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

Osio is the founder, CEO and director of Davos Financial Group, financial firm which he started more than two decades ago. Osio, a man with a tremendous amount of experience in law, banking and investments, has successfully been able to increase his company’s assets and revenue. Osio was also able to expand his operations in other countries. Currently, there are licensed businesses operating under the name of Davos Financial Group across The United States, Portugal and Switzerland. Osio has received several notable and prestigious awards due to his philanthropic and entrepreneurial acts. For example, he has won the Medal of Honor of the United States Congress. He also been recognized by many Magazines around the world.

After Osio graduated from the Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988 as a lawyer, his career started at the law firm MGO. At MGO, he provided legal advice to corporations. After working for this law firm, he went on to work for Banco Latino. Osio oversaw this bank’s costumer portfolio increase radically within a short period of time, which is why he was promoted in less than 3 years to vice president. Osio went back to school in the late 90s. He was a pupil of the Institute of Higher Administration Studies, and he studied at the time international banking with a concentration in law. Six years ago, Osio obtained advanced certifications from the New York Institute of Finance.

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Prominent PR Firm Lands in Inc. 500 Fast Growing List

The internet has fundamentally changed the way that businesses operate — and for the better. The internet has given customers a way to interact with businesses in a whole new way. Nowadays you can look up any company on the internet and instantly become inundated with reviews. This obviously opens up the door for companies like Status Labs, who help craft the public image of companies, to push their way up the ladder-board. Status Labs is one of the most prominent reputation companies in the business and they are now getting some major notice: landing on the Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies.


Status Labs made their debut on the Inc. 500 at the 339 spot. This list is incredibly important for smaller companies trying to break into the mainstream. The list focuses on companies who are trying hard to innovate in the realm of public relations or marketing, both of which slot in nicely with what Status Labs is trying to do. The reason that Status Labs made the list was due to their explosive growth over the past four years, expanding by 1,099%. This explosive growth came after Darius Fisher was appointed President and CEO of the company.


President Darius Fisher was quick to respond upon hearing the news saying that, “We are honored to be named to the Inc. 500 List.” Fisher went on to point out how their placement on the list was a testament to the “increasing demand for not only digital reputation management but also strategic digital PR.” Fisher knows, and likely has known, that public reputation management is going to be a big deal for the foreseeable future.


The addition of Status Labs to the Inc 500 list may not seem like much to the casual reader, but it is a leading indicator of success. Status Labs joins companies like Timberland, Yelp, Zillow, and Pandora on the Inc. 500.

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Talk Fusion Upgrades Their Product of the Year Line Up.

Talk Fusion launched back in 2007 as a modern answer to the age old problem of video marketing. CEO Bob Reina turned to starting his own company when he realized that nobody else out there was offering what he needed: a way to seamlessly connect with his base of customers and potential customers. Now here we are nearly a decade later with Talk Fusion standing tall as one of the most prominent video networking companies in the world. Their award winning Video Chat program is now looking at some serious upgrades to inspire even more confidence in their offerings.

However, despite its popularity in the business world the guys and girls at Talk Fusion still wanted to improve on what they had to offer. So the Video Chat has now been worked over with some fresh new upgrades to bring out more for their customers.  Next up Talk Fusion has implemented a group chat program with video, audio, and text based communications. These are just a few of the fresh new coats of paint on one of the already most refined products available.

CEO Bob Reina was quick to lob praise at what the new Video Chat has to offer by saying, “Video Chat is in a league all its own.” Reina went on to tout the prospect of being able to chat face to face with anyone in the world, from any device across any device threshold — one of the major selling points of the product. The focus on connectivity should help to produce more effective and efficient workdays for companies that don’t have to fight for the proper channel to communicate through.

As we said above Talk Fusion has been rising in popularity for the better part of the past decade. Now CEO Bob Reina and his program are here to offer products and solutions at the next level, bringing companies to their highest potential.

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A Humanitarian Man for the Ages

Adam Milstein is an important individual within the Jewish community, both in the United States and around the world. Milstein is responsible for the creation of several charitable organizations, and also a movement to encourage Pride within the Jewish community. Organizations created by Milstein and his wife Gila, particularly the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, are corporation that support the spread of Jewish sentiment and also the spreading of knowledge about the benefits of self-identifying. These social movements promote the use of nonviolent protests,events,as well as different forms of activities to help spread a sense of brotherhood and belonging. It is for this reason that Adam Milstein has been added to the list of 50 most influential Jewish individuals currently living on the planet.

Milstein himself is at number 39 on the list, which places him on a very elite listing of individuals throughout the world. This ranking cannot be added to the list of other awards, responsibilities, and achievements that Milstein has received over the years. He is currently being identified to the rest of the world as a well-known the philanthropist, humanitarian, activist, and of course a leader of the Jewish community.

Information on Adam Milstein and his achievements can be found throughout different websites on the internet, as well as various news articles. With this additional addition to his livelihood it is no doubt that Milstein will continue to grow in popularity within the Jewish community will will continue to offer the same high level of support that he does to today in the future towards his people.

How John Goullet Furthers the Mission of Diversant

Diversant, a name in IT services, has now become the largest IT staffing and solutions firm. This came on the heels of a major transition that occurred when the economy began to take a nosedive. Many companies began looking at their books and trying to figure out where they could make budget cuts. This meant that most of the cuts came from IT, and outsourcing those jobs became easier. This is because companies were seeking ways to trim the fat of their expenses, but still get the job done. This meant cutting employees and getting IT staff from a staffer like Diversant.

This is something John Goullet knows all about. Having started as an IT consultant, Goullet has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur within the IT sector. It wasn’t until 1994 that Goullet made the switch to IT staffing, an industry in which he is now able to make a name for himself, along with Gene Waddy, the CEO of Diversant. Prior to his venture into IT staffing, Goullet led the development of many successful ventures. His drive as an entrepreneur gave him tremendous insight into how the business grows and is developed in the IT sector.

Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994, and over time he was able to grow the revenue to more than $30 million dollars. The company quickly grew to number 8 on the list of fastest growing firms that is privately held. In 2010, the company was merged with Diversant, making Goullet the Principal for Diversant.

Highland Capital Gives Back

There are a lot of companies today that work on giving back to customers and the local community. However, few companies perform as well in this area as Highland Capital. Over the years, the company has made a lot of investments of time and money into the local Dallas area. This is just one of the many reasons the company is so highly rated by customers. James Dondero has instilled a culture of giving within the company. As the leader of Highland Capital, he is passionate about taking the company to the next level. He has worked in the financial planning industry for many years, and he wants to make Highland Capital one of the leading investments firms in the country.

James Dondero

Giving back to others is something that James Dondero is passionate about. Even when the company was much smaller, he always wanted to be involved in the local community. He believes that companies should work with the local community in an effort to improve the quality of life for residents. In Dallas, the economy has done really well over the past couple of years. However, there are still a lot of people who need financial help. This is where Dondero wants to make the largest impact. He knows how to bring people out of poverty and into prosperity based on financial principles.

Future Plans

In the future, James Dondero wants to continue to grow Highland and be involved in the local community. He recently started a giving challenge where he would personally give money out if the goals were reached. He is a great person to work with for a variety of reasons. Not only does he want the best for his customers, but he also wants to help people in the local community.


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