Altium Capital Invests in the Healthcare Industry

Altium Capital is an organization that focuses on investments opportunities that are aimed at promoting the growth of firms that have invested in the Healthcare industry. Therefore, this firm seeks to help grow the firms that are offering meaningful health services and medical treatment to the general public. The company headquarters are located in New York City.

Altium Capital first partnered with Oramed Company. This is a pharmaceutical company that has been credited with making life-changing discoveries. It has developed an oral treatment alternative for patients living with diabetes. This oral treatment will replace the intravenous system of taking insulin. Oramed Company has successfully launched and tested the orally ingestible insulin capsule and also an oral glucagon-like peptide capsule. This discovery will go an extra mile in improving the livelihood of people living with diabetes. Oramed Company also boasts of having an experienced management team with several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The company also gets help from some of the leading scientists in the world.

Amarin is the other company that has a well-established partnership with Altium Company. Its headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland. Amarin has been working round the clock to develop drugs that can improve cardiovascular health. It managed to develop an AMR-101 drug which was the first to receive an FDA approval. It was approved in the year 2012. Amarin is also a rapidly growing and innovative pharmaceutical company.

The third company that has partnered with Altium Capital is Oragenics. It was founded on the year 1996 and focused on the idea of Replacement Therapy which involves replacing the bad bacteria’s with beneficial ones with the main purpose of achieving a beneficial result. This company has worked together with Intrexon Company to develop a technology that can help combat infectious diseases as well as other diseases that affects the throat, oral cavity, and esophagus.

The Unpredictable Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a graduate of the University of Purdue and is a holder of a degree in Organizational Leadership which he managed to achieve on a full football scholarship. His first business venture was Fanlink, Inc. which he was a co-founder and had as well worked with the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets before that. After Fanlink, he served at iS3 Inc. as executive vice president who is a company that deals with software. Currently, he is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital services which is a company that majors in offering digital support to clients globally. Being a digital era, people and companies experience technical issues which they expect to have the best people in place to solve. In that case, ATS Digital Services offers their clients assurance that whenever they have connectivity problems or fundamental issues, the company will deliver to their expectations and satisfaction. Robert Deignan got the idea of putting up his current company from a previous company where he worked and saw that opportunity. After the challenges he and his partners faced in the company regarding dealing with malware and making customers trust in their strategy, they decided to put up their own company to help solve various technological issues.

Robert Deignan on his part appreciates the customers at ATS and therefore makes sure they are treated well and are given a reason to come back more than once. With the increase in technology, the demand for related services has risen over the years, and Robert Deignan is keen to keep up with the current trends. In that case, his clients get offered services that are up to date considering that technology has become a part of the society more than anything else. He has advice for business people, and he discourages involving family and friends which he terms to be risky. He is as well clear on having people trust their instinct when making a business decision no matter how big or small it may seem. Either way, discipline, and courage should be involved because wavering could be damaging due to a waste of significant time. At some point though, it should not be all about work as one should find time for themselves to spend with friends and family. For Robert Deignan, he loves boat riding and fishing, and he has even won the 79th Silver Sailfish Contest.

Louis Chenevert and His Inspiring Story

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec. He gained an interest in business and entrepreneurship as a child, and knew at a young age that dedication and hard work would offer him the prosperous lifestyle he wanted. Following his love of business, he attended HEC Montreal Business School at the University of Montreal obtaining his degree in production management where he learned how to ensure quality production, correct quantities, and minimum cost giving businesses the greatest profit possible. Upon graduation from university, Chenevert began working at General Motors in St. Therese, Quebec where he was made manager over the General Motors assembly line in Montreal.  

After his time at General Motors, where he stayed for 14 years, Chenevert was ready for a career transition. He recently gave an interview about his transition and how it excelled him to his start in business leadership. Chenervert says that with a great deal of support, he transitioned to a new phase in life and joined Pratt and Whitney (P&W) Company in 1993. While there, Chenevert cut manufacturing costs by 10% in only a year. He used his experience from assembly lines to speed up the process of engine building saving the company money production and labor. After only three years, Chenervert became president of P&W. With his leadership and eye for growing businesses, he took a struggling company and made it once again profitable. He reached his financial goals for the company and turned executive heads at P&W’s parent company, UTC.

Louis continued to make improvements on labor, cutting costs, increasing the number of engines he produced, and growing the number of engines offered. His business savvy mind and the growth of the business made him a prime candidate for chairman of the corporation at the head office at UTC in 2006. In 2008, he was named the CEO and President of UTC where his knowledge and skill took the company to new heights. After retiring in 2014, Chenevert spends his time learning new hobbies and cultivating his interests. Though he loved being a businessman, retirement suits him well.

Whitney Wolfe Raises The Bar In App Development

Whitney Wolfe has done an exceptional amount when it comes to building the type of dating platform that people want to see. Bumble is where she would start with the dating app, but this would clearly just be the beginning of what she was bringing to the table. In the dating app world there are a lot of people that are putting forth an effort to check out what Bumble is about. They are fascinated by the developer behind it, and this has made it easier for Bumble to rise to a greater level of success.

What people will quickly notice about Bumble is that there are different components involved in this company. It has become the type of organization that caters to different social media needs.

With Bumble BFF people have access to make friends, and this is always a big thing for people that are not into the club scene. If they are not hanging out when they live in a new city they are going to be limited to meeting their co-workers. What Bumble BFF does is open the social media grounds where you have the ability to make new friends.

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Whitney Wolfe what also open up network platform for those that may have had business opportunities. This is a strong part of the Bumble platform, and it speaks to a generation of people that really want one app that can handle everything. No one would link between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat if they did not have to.

Whitney Wolfe wants to create a platform where people have access to business, friendship building and dating options all under one roof. She is the feminists app developer that has continued to express how she wants to have her own social media world that caters to a wide range of app users.

This is very creative for someone that has never actually put any time into following the status quo. Whitney Wolfe is someone that has paved her own path, and she has continued to pay her own way in every sense of the word. Even her wedding was something that was a bit off the beaten path.

It is highly unlikely that most people will return to where they met to get married. Whitney Wolfe had the ability to do this when she met her future husband in Italy. This is where she would return to marry Michael Herd.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Prepares To Hand Over The Position Of CEO As Bradesco’s Board Appoints Octavio De Lazari Junior

Near the beginning of this month, Banco Bradesco’s Board of Directors chose the company’s new chief executive officer. Octavio de Lazari Jr. will replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who currently holds the position. Lazari Jr. is currently the bank’s vice president. Additionally, he is the president of the Bradesco Seguros group and will continue to act in that role. Lazari has been with Bradesco for nearly 40 years, having first been employed at the age of 15.

The decision to appoint Lazari will be finalized on the 12th of March, 2018. The bank’s new Board of Directors will also be decided on the same date, following a meeting of the company’s shareholders. The bank’s new board will refer to Octavio de Lazari Junior’s appointment as CEO. Until the first meeting of the new board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will continue to serve in the role of CEO, as well as that of his new position as chairman of the Board of Directors for Banco Bradesco SA.

The bank released a statement, recognizing the personal and professional accomplishments of Lazari in his effort to maintain the bank’s line of succession and bring additional success to the bank. They have also noted the importance of such efforts in the continued maintenance of Banco Bradesco’s prominent position, both locally and around the world.

Other Changes to Banco Bradesco’s Executive Structure
Banco Bradesco has announced the appointment of a number of new Vice-Presidents in order to form the next Board of Directors. Among those individuals are Alexandre da Silva Glüher, Josué Augusto Pancini, Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, and Maurício Machado de Minas.

Additionally, current executive directors Eurico Ramos Fabri and Cassiano Ricardo Scarpelli were announced to receive a promotion, being given the new position of vice president within the Board of Directors.

The Board’s Director of the Investment Department, José Ramos Rocha Neto, and the company’s Director of Human Resources, Glaucimar Peticov are also being appointed to the bank’s Executive Board, taking on the role of Deputy Executive Officer.

Lastly, Aurelio Conrado Boni, a member of the bank’s current Board of Directors, has recently announced his intentions to resign from the position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Chairman of the Board
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors at Banco Bradesco, as well as acting Chief Executive Officer, previously holding the position of CEO directly. Prior to taking on the role of CEO in 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi held the position of Executive Vice President. Additionally, he is serving as the president of Grupo Bradesco Seguros. He began his career with Bradesco almost 50 years ago, in spring of 1969.

Since late 2009, he has served as both Director and Chairman of Odontoprev. He is currently serving as the Director of Bradespar as well. He graduated from the University of Sao Paulo as a member of their Philosophy, Sciences, Languages, and Arts Faculty, and has obtained a post-graduate degree from USP’s School of Sociology and Politics.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Successful Doctor And Entrepreneur

If you are in the Greater Atlanta Area, chances are you’ve heard of Mark McKenna. Dr. Mark McKenna is making a name for himself on a local and national level. As the owner of the Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia, he has been recognized as both a successful doctor and entrepreneur with numerous, glowing reviews from former patients and clients of his. He originally practiced medicine with his father but has since branched out to work by himself.

Originally, he is from the city of New Orleans.

And for his schooling, he attended the Tulane University School of Medicine. He has practiced medicine for 17 years now and works as a general practitioner who is licensed in both medicine and surgical practices. He is fiercely dedicated to his patients and his community. Dr. Mark McKenna is known to be a dedicated advocate for the sake of the patients that he treats. In 2007, he went on to launch Shape Med. He is currently the owner of the Shape Medical Wellness Center.

Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine in both Georgia and Florida.

And he is known for a number of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, along with offering a large number of other modern and comprehensive services to his patients. Along with offering his best to the patients who come through his doors to be treated, Dr. McKenna has also given back to his community in big ways. For example, he helped in the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans in ruins.

Besides his medical work, he has dabbled in other areas.

He launched a real estate investment firm known as McKenna Venture Investments which later acquired the companies known as Uptown Title and Universal Mortgage Lending. No matter what Dr. Mark McKenna has set his mind to, he has a knack for always coming out successful.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps To Cement The Success Of Bradesco In The Financial Sector

Bradesco is one of the few banking institutions that is associated with organic growth in Brazil. The use of this strategy to enhance the growth of the company is attributed to the experienced leaders who have previously been elected to company’s top position. The latest addition to the list of leaders who have had the privilege to oversee the company’s operations is Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

After Trabuco’s appointment to the top management level, the organization has achieved double-digit growth and better performance in the financial market unlike before. Optimists believe that the better performance of the company in recent times is as a result of the better relations that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has managed to establish between his office and other departmental managers.

Bradesco has experienced an increase in the value of assets right from $33 billion to $78 billion. The increase occurred within a period of five years, and that was from 2003 to 2008. Within the initial year of his management, the equity level of the company increased by approximately 8%, and since then, the investment rate has never gone below 28%.

Immediately after Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over from Márcio Cypriano as president, he was faced with a massive challenge as he had to prove his worth to the voters and other elects. Márcio Cypriano, on the other hand, had taken over the management of Bradesco from Lazaro Brandão who had led the company to establish itself as one of the most respectable banks in Brazil.

In the course of his tenure, Márcio Cypriano is attributed with driving the business into the most extensive expansion cycle unlike ever before. For the period lasting between 2002 and 2005, Bradesco acquired other various banking institutions such as Ceará banks, Banco Cidade, and Maranhão. Bradesco has adopted a unique operational culture, and different personalities who are attributed with the upward trajectory of the company that has lasted for more than 40 years include Milton Vargas and Jose Acar Pedro who served as vice presidents.

Organic growth is associated with banking inclusion, and it was adopted by Luiz Carlos Trabuco to complement the long expansion cycle that had been undertaken by the former president, Márcio Cypriano. Through banking inclusion, the organization has managed to gain more than 7 million account holders since 2009. During the high season, the number of individuals who signed up for new accounts went to as high as 6000 people daily.

Over the same period, more saving accounts were opened, and they rose from about 37 million to 55 million. Trabuco believes in the power of networking, and as a result, he guided the company to increase the number of its agencies from 3600 to 5100 over a period of 5 years. Luiz Carlo Trabuco is keen to follow different trends in the Brazilian financial market.

Based on his observation, he believes that more clients will end up joining the consumer market by 2020. He sees this as a potential area for the growth of his enterprise as taking advantage of the opportunity will enable the company to sign up more than 20 million clients. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s aptness and ability to understand the market trend has been facilitated by the fact that he has been dealing in the banking industry for quite a long time.

Additionally, he has been working at Bradesco Seguro since he was 18 years old. Since he is very observant, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has managed to understand how different processes should be combined for the best results. He has also worked in various managerial positions, and this has made him aware of how all operational procedures are undertaken at the bank. The tangible results that are associated with his management are a product of understanding how the banking industry operates.

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