How to Select a Party Planner

Events can be stressful to plan. From corporate events to personal parties, event planners in NYC are plentiful and it may take some time to choose them. There are some steps that can be taken to choose an event planner that will fit your event and its needs.

The biggest step is to make sure to understand the reason behind the event. You need to set the event objective to know why you are having the festivities in the first place. Then ask yourself why are you hiring a planner. There needs to be a reason why you are involving an outside person in your event. What is that person handling that you can not handle? Importantly, a budget needs to be set. How much are you willing to spend?

Events are not easy and it is important to find a qualified event planner. Professional associations, chambers of commerce, hotels, and your own research are the best ways to find planners to start interviewing. When you interview, make sure to interview more than one event planner. Provide them as much details about the event as possible, and check their references. Make sure to check every detail of an event planner and plan to hire, fire, and possibly rehire planners. Events can be stressful times.

Event planning companies in NYC offer a wide range of services not available with just one planner. Twenty three layers, a Manhattan based design firm, offers a full range of services for personal and corporate events. They offer event planning services that give attention to details. They use the latest in trends to create an unforgettable experience. Twenty three layers offers a full service party planning design for their clients to take the burden of off them. Their events have whimsical details and delectable food to create the ultimate event.

Find them in NY:
420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014