What is The RealReal?

The hottest consignment site around! The RealReal! What’s better than authentic brand name products at an amazing discounted price? That’s right. Nothing!

This amazing online shop took off in 2011, founded by Julie Wainwright. She began her journey in the tech industry in the late 1990’s and became the Chief Executive of Pets.com.

Once The RealReal launched, it has done nothing but grow. They have made over $173 million since it was founded. They have an outstanding team that carefully examines, each and every article the receive to make sure it is 100% authentic. The RealReal even has drivers that will go pick up any pieces a client wants to consign. After each piece has been verified and proven authentic, pictures are taken and posted to the online site then placed on the floor at the physical store. Perhaps one of the best features of this company is that when the item is in store and a customer is interested in the item, it can be scanned and placed on a brief hold online until, said customer, decides if they want to purchase it.

Taking a peek at their Instagram page, @therealreal, you find posts of all their recent items. They have everything from jewelry and watches to bags and shoes. A stunning “power watch” with its spiral, wrist wrapping, look and a gorgeous pair of Gucci ankle boots with a chunky heel. They also do give-a-ways for its loyal customers, like a Stella McCarty bag. This company is growing bigger and bigger. This, my friends is the new future of buying brand name clothes and accessories .

Find out more about The RealReal: https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/bits-bytes/bits-bytes-the-realreal-hunts-for-funding-robots-to-replace-humans-in-retail