Marc Beer, CEO of Renovia Inc. Recently Raised $42 million For The Treatment Of Pelvic Floor Disorders In Women

The current biotech industry is highly competitive and the chances for biotech startups to sustain in the market while staying in alignment with the guidelines enforced by the FDA are very low. Renovia Inc. is a biotechnology firm founded and managed by CEO Marc Beer is coming up with prominent results that will change the lives of many. The company recently raised a staggering $42.3 million as a part of their series B funding with $10 million as venture debt. The funding secured would be completely devoted to the research and development of products for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders, for example, urinary incontinence.


According to the statistics, around 250 million women worldwide are a victim of some form of pelvic disorder and Renovia Inc. is dedicated to developing products that reduce or completely diminishes the disorders affecting the lives of millions across the globe. In 2018, Renovia Inc. launched their FDA approved product called the Leva. It is a smartphone application that is designed to track and motivate strength training which is believed to be a remedy to such disorders. The app has proved its worth by locating and isolating weak levator plate muscles for facilitating better movement.


Marc Beer promised that the funding will give rise to a series of products integrated with advanced technology. The pelvic floor disorders cause pain, abdominal pressure and improper bladder discharge resulting in urinal incontinence. Marc elaborated that a combination of their patented and state-of-the-art sensor technology along with a digital platform will provide the doctors and customers with detailed reports about their current disorders and suggest the best treatments available in the market. He believes that in the long-run the treatment cost will come down making it a feasible option for people who cannot afford costly treatment procedures.


Their fundraising event was organized by Ascension Ventures and included longtime investors such as Longwood Fund, OSF ventures and more. Out of all, Longwood Fund has been a major investor as they believe that supporting Renovia Inc. is like supporting a noble cause and pledged to support them throughout their journey towards success which looks inevitable. Marc was delighted to have received the warmth and understanding of so many investors who believe in what they do and what they want to achieve that will affect the lives of millions in a positive way.


Renovia Inc. not only wants to help people suffering from pelvic floor disorders but also to end the social stigma that revolves around it. Women are normally uncomfortable discussing problems related to such disorders which lead to hesitancy in getting treatment and can get serious if left untreated. Renovia is not just providing better treatment options but also ensure that the patient is safe at all times with high levels of privacy in the devices that track intricate data. Learn more:


Two decades of success for Southridge Capital

For the last twenty years, Southridge Capital has been operating successfully. It has financed hundreds of companies and has experienced steady growth since it started. Today it has become a company worth billions of dollars and it has built its reputation around the globe. It is a hedge fund firm that is based in Connecticut and started in 1996 by Stephen Hicks, a financial expert.




Southridge offers other organization with financial plans that are customized. It provides strategic solutions with the primary aim of helping these organizations to become successful in their endeavors. Those who face corporate issues can consider seeking the services of the company since it handles such problems associated with the business. When it comes to dealing issues related to finance and transition of an organization from private to public, the firm is the best. You can get financial strategies that are customized to enable you to move to the next level.




Southridge capital is a renowned firm that has been helping individuals on how to deal with problems of poor credit score and handling debts. Clients who have issues with wealth management can also seek the services of the coveted company. It is an organization that has embraced technological advancement, and it has been engaging in helping other businesses to enhance their technological endeavors. The organization has one of the most reliable leadership on the globe. Stephen Hicks leads the team behind the success of Southridge Capital. He is the founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. He is always there to ensure a smooth running of the company and all other organizations that are affiliated. For more details visit



Stephen Hicks has acquired the best management tricks from the many years of working in other organizations. Hicks has worked in the financial industry for more than thirty years and has gained a lot of experience that cannot be matched by other entrepreneurs. He attended Fordham University and successfully graduated from the organization. He runs the organization with a team that is capable of handling its customers. It also has several employees who dedicate their time to serve their clients with diligence.


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The U.S Money Reserve Making AdSphere Awards The Order Of The Day

It is the norm in every independent nation to have its currency for the successful sustenance of her economy. However, the United States of America prides herself in having the most valuable currency in the world.

The dollar has over time and again proven to be the overall mode of exchange in matters business due to its value that as always been at par.

Brief Overview Of U.S. Money Reserve

For a country to be fully operational in the global economy, there is a dire need for a reserved currency to ensure that they run international transactions and investments smoothly. The US Reserve was founded in the year 2001 with the aim of improving her people’s lives through the benefits accrued by owning precious metals.

The reserve has grown tremendously over the years to become the largest distributor of Gold, Platinum, and Silver in and across the United States.

It is overseen by professionals with vast expertise in research, inventory, numismatics and gold experts with a staff base of at least 100 employees. Austin, in the outskirts o Texas pays homage to this world’s most relied reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

Achievements Attained By U.S. Money Reserve

Since its inception into the global map as the leading producer of precious metal-based currencies, the U.S Money reserve has taken center stage in the industry. This has seen its presence spread across the world, therefore, enhancing overseas transactions by creating a standard mode of operation. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

Due to its undisputable success, the reserve has scooped various prizes but the most notable being the AdSphere award. The awards recognize and honor the top-rated advertisers in the Direct Response Television(DRTV) industry with in-depth research carried out by the Tv’s research wing dubbed DRMetrix.

U.S Reserve under the able stewardship of executives from America’s Gold Authority scooped two notable awards in the 2018 AdSphere Awards as the ‘Short Form Products’ and ‘Infomercials’ distributor of the year for two consecutive years.

The reserve’s CEO, Angela Koch, points out that the success is attributed to unrelenting sacrifice and determination to serve their clients with a great masterpiece. She adds that the honor will go a long way in motivating them to give their best in the industry.

The reserve was singled out by Perth Mint as the exclusive distributor of the proof set coin coroneted with Queen Elizabeth (II).

AdSphere stretches its keen eye on over 120 networks and has identified over 7,000 direct-response brands representing all aspects of the DRTV industry.

The founder and CEO f DRMetrix, Joseph Gray, argues that the campaigns under their banner ensure consumer popularity through the media industry.

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