Rick Shinto is the president of InnovaCare. The healthcare company is at the forefront of providing enriching medical care to various individuals who have subscribed to its services. The president says that his company is driven by exemplary values such as patent vision, accurate communication, and excellent working relations.

In addition    to this, InnovaCare also puts special care on employing expert professionals who will propel the company to success. Moreover, the growth that they bring ensures that the healthcare firm is driven towards success. Transparency is also a common value of InnovaCare, around the health industry this is a vital component of success. By providing a perfect environment for healthcare management, the company follows its mission statement to the letter. The healthcare firm has branches in the locale of Puerto Rico which are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. These affiliates are accredited by NCQA and they operate at a 90% client satisfaction rate. They got the accreditation in 2011 when they surpassed the quality expectations of assurance. Moreover, NCQA also ensures that their accreditation is given to companies that meet their expectations of protections of customers and quality improvement.


Mr. Shinto is a reputable authority figure in the industry of healthcare. As the capable president of the healthcare firm, he ensures that the company is steered towards success. The president also has immeasurable technical experience and leadership qualities to the healthcare firm. Rick Shinto has experience in both clinical healthcare and operational healthcare services. The president is a former recipient of the annual entrepreneur award from Ernst & Young. This brilliant award is given to leaders who are dedicated to excellence. Mr. Shinto got this award when he was working for Aveta Inc.

Rick Shinto began his career in Southern California where he worked as an intern. He has had a long and illustrative career. Other positions that he has held include Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima and the Vice President of Medical Management. In addition to this, Mr. Shinto has also worked for Medical Pathways Management Company as a leader in operations and medical procedures. Prior to joining, InnovaCare, he was working for NAMM in California.

Mr. Shinto has an MBA from an American university. In addition to this, he also has a medical degree from New York’s State University. Moreover, he graduated from a university in California with a BS. Rick Shinto is a prolific author who has written various titles on clinical medicine.