Copa Star: The 5-Star Hospital with a Difference

The Copa Star Hospital in Rio combines luxury, comfort, sophisticated technology, and qualified service. The architectural design of the hospital actually resembles the best 5-star hotel anywhere in the world. This is partly in line with the Rede D’Or São Luiz concept implemented in the majority of its ventures. The hospital’s modern decoration and architecture is designed to resemble that of a genuine 5-star hotel.

Different Approach

The medical care package has the same level of quality standard found in any hospital among the D’Or network. For this hospital, however, the differential can be seen in the luxurious class of several non-clinical services like accommodation, the reception, gastronomy, a menu that is much diversified, and provision of bedside voice over IP facility among others.

State-of-the Art Technology

What you will encounter at this health institution is the latest when it comes to medical equipment. Examples include hybrid rooms, intelligent operating rooms, telemedicine, robotic medicine, and neurosurgery rooms that have integrated magnetic resonance technology. In short, this is a great technological innovation not seen elsewhere in Latin America. Visit their Facebook page.

Staff and Training

The state-of-the-art technology equipment at Copa Star, however, is not what makes the miracle. The health team at Copa Star hospital was trained for two months prior to opening with various simulations and tests. Actors have been used to simulate every possible emergency scenario to ensure that everything is planned to the last detail. The team is made up of over 550 employees, 113 who are doctors. These professionals have been comprehensively trained on all aspects including how to approach the patients to the type of makeup and clothes to use.

Open to All

If you think that this new Rede D’Or São Luiz flagship hospital is only going to accept private well-to-do patients, who are capable of paying for these exclusive services in cash, you are mistaken. In addition, the Hospital Copa Star accepts all payment forms and also works with all health insurance plans. The hospital has 150 beds, 45 in the ICU, and 105 are apartment types. The hospital has 9 operating rooms as well as a diagnostic park, equipped with all the latest technological facilities.


Imagine a differentiated, exclusive, and comfort oriented health institution with a ranking compatible with a hotel 5-star rating? On top of that throw in a privileged location, unique architecture and designer-decoration. Into this formidable mix, add a select panel of people trained in efficiency, agility, personalized service, efficiency, safety, and dedicated to promote a health experience that will exceed all patient expectations.

That is the Hospital Copa Star, the new option in town for those who seek the best in health care services, latest technology and well-trained professionals that a hospital can offer. Rede D’Or São Luiz is planning on expanding this new hospital concept to other key locations across the country with the cities of Brasília and São Paulo being in the pipeline already.