Marc Beer, CEO of Renovia Inc. Recently Raised $42 million For The Treatment Of Pelvic Floor Disorders In Women

The current biotech industry is highly competitive and the chances for biotech startups to sustain in the market while staying in alignment with the guidelines enforced by the FDA are very low. Renovia Inc. is a biotechnology firm founded and managed by CEO Marc Beer is coming up with prominent results that will change the lives of many. The company recently raised a staggering $42.3 million as a part of their series B funding with $10 million as venture debt. The funding secured would be completely devoted to the research and development of products for women suffering from pelvic floor disorders, for example, urinary incontinence.


According to the statistics, around 250 million women worldwide are a victim of some form of pelvic disorder and Renovia Inc. is dedicated to developing products that reduce or completely diminishes the disorders affecting the lives of millions across the globe. In 2018, Renovia Inc. launched their FDA approved product called the Leva. It is a smartphone application that is designed to track and motivate strength training which is believed to be a remedy to such disorders. The app has proved its worth by locating and isolating weak levator plate muscles for facilitating better movement.


Marc Beer promised that the funding will give rise to a series of products integrated with advanced technology. The pelvic floor disorders cause pain, abdominal pressure and improper bladder discharge resulting in urinal incontinence. Marc elaborated that a combination of their patented and state-of-the-art sensor technology along with a digital platform will provide the doctors and customers with detailed reports about their current disorders and suggest the best treatments available in the market. He believes that in the long-run the treatment cost will come down making it a feasible option for people who cannot afford costly treatment procedures.


Their fundraising event was organized by Ascension Ventures and included longtime investors such as Longwood Fund, OSF ventures and more. Out of all, Longwood Fund has been a major investor as they believe that supporting Renovia Inc. is like supporting a noble cause and pledged to support them throughout their journey towards success which looks inevitable. Marc was delighted to have received the warmth and understanding of so many investors who believe in what they do and what they want to achieve that will affect the lives of millions in a positive way.


Renovia Inc. not only wants to help people suffering from pelvic floor disorders but also to end the social stigma that revolves around it. Women are normally uncomfortable discussing problems related to such disorders which lead to hesitancy in getting treatment and can get serious if left untreated. Renovia is not just providing better treatment options but also ensure that the patient is safe at all times with high levels of privacy in the devices that track intricate data. Learn more:


Infinity Group Lands a Great Spot on the AFR’s List of Australia’s Most Innovative Companies

The Australian Financial Review is Australia’s most read and most well known financial and economic newspaper publication, and for the last 7 years, it has published an annual list of Australia’s most innovative companies. Thousands of companies all around Australia and New Zealand are considered, but only 100 make the cut. This year a small mortgage broker has made the list at an impressive 58th position. The mortgage broker known as Infinity Group has only been around since 2013, so having made the list at all is a fantastic accomplishment, not to mention having made such a good position.

Infinity Group was founded by Graeme Holm with the intention of educating Australians on how to manage their finances correctly and pay off their homes faster than they normally would. Their business model revolves around helping their clients succeed economically so that Ininfity Group can succeed as well. It is this sense of collaboration and teamwork that landed Infinity Group a spot on the list and Holm states that he couldn’t be more proud.

Infinity Group has helped thousands of Australians understand the best way to manage their income. Almost every single client that Infinity Group has had has paid off the home loans in record time, opening up a huge spending potential for the client and a huge opportunity for Australia’s economy. Holm came up with the idea because he thought that the main reason why Australians ended up getting into debt was the lack of support and collaboration between banks and their clients. All the banks did was lend out the money, and never focused on getting it back. Infinity Group is different because they set every client up with a financial coach who reviews their income and spending trends and figures out the best plan of attack when it comes to reducing debt. Ininfyt Group has helped their clients not only pay off their homes, but also save money, make better investments, and plan for retirement.

Ininfyt Group boasts an astounding customer satisfaction rate. This is due to their client first philosophy, which to Infinity Group means making sure that the client succeeds in achieving their financial goals. Thanks to Infinity Group’s innovative business model, clients have been able to pay off their mortgages in as little as 7 years. Even more impressive is the fact that clients who switched to Infinity Group from a previous lender made more payments towards their home loans in 3 months than they had in 12 months with their previous lender.

Graeme Holm states that he wants Infinity Group to continue helping Australians become financially independent so that hey can use their money to make smart investments into the Australian market. He believes that if one person wins, everyone wins. Ininfity Group will continue to improve their budget plans for their clients and will also continue providing the financial education that Holm felt most Australians needed in order to be successful financially. He also states that it is a great honor to be placed so high on the AFR’s list. Learn more: