Executive Peter Briger critical in Fortress’s Investment Group relationship with Far East investors

Peter Briger stepped into the doors of Goldman Sachs in 1987, and just over 30 years later, the Forbes-listed Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group has become one of the most successful executive figures in the world of alternative asset investment classes.

The firm’s assets under management are spread across four distinct business or financial segments including private equity, undervalued assets, hedge funds, and well known permanent capital vehicles such as transportation, infrastructure, and real estate. Peter Briger would find success at Fortress Investment Group due to his intimate knowledge of certain Asian financial sectors– a key factor in Fortress’s effort to globalize it’s physical and non-physical holdings.

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Becoming part of SoftBank’s vision for expansion due to its extensive financial resources globally, Fortress was recently acquired by the Japanese based conglomerate in 2017 for $3.3 billion. In an effort to further diversify, expand, and drive growth, SoftBank opted to let Fortress operate almost independently- citing continued autonomy of successful leaders as crucial to the acquired firm’s future as a world-wide hub for corporate mergers, and private capital placement.

The Group is the first hedge fund in the United States to launch an IPO, bringing the world of private credit into the public. Becoming the first equity firm to become publicly traded worked wonders for the Group’s notoriety, and business dealings. Peter Briger, Wesley Edens, and Randall Nardone – the firm’s Principal operators – currently help oversee approximately $42.1 billion in assets with over 1000 investment managers turning the wheels of the multi-billion dollar firm.

Both professional and philanthropist, Peter Briger believes in passing on success to future generations in the form of time, money, education, and dedication. He remains an example of what happens when executive leaders become leaders of change able to drive progress in their communities.

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Betsy DeVos Impresses Political Opponents Even in Defeat

There is no doubting that U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a fighter when it comes to educational issues she is championing. The New York Times recently affirmed her reputation for being a tough opponent in their recent profile of her reaction to President Trump’s decision to rescind policies started by President Obama to allow transgender public school students to select their own bathroom to use. While some onlookers suggested that DeVos simply acquiesced to President Trump’s position without voicing frustration over what she believed was a short-sighted approach, this could not be further from the truth.


DeVos earned respect throughout her political career for her composure during tough times, particularly when she lost on a political issue. This composure is by no means a mask for weakness of spirit, however. DeVos is just predisposed to focus on the next challenge before dwelling on a short term loss. This is exactly how she is handling relations with President Trump after his announcement about the change in transgender public school restroom policies.


Throughout her entire political career and even as a community leader, DeVos has been consistently devoted to expanding choices in public school opportunities for families across the country. She believes that every parent should have the freedom to send their child to the absolute best public school possible so that they can achieve the most productive education. DeVos has worked tirelessly to make this happen in her home state of Michigan. She has been one of the loudest voices in the charter school movement in that state, which helped launch her into the national spotlight after President Trump took office. Along with her husband, Dick DeVos, she has held countless fundraisers and spearheaded a long list of community campaigns to make school choice a reality for as many families as possible.


In addition to being an expert communicator, DeVos considers herself a grassroots advocate for school choice. She has traveled the country frequently to see these changes in action and always takes advantage of opportunities to see how successful school systems are working differently. She makes no bones about the need for a major reform of the entire public education system in the country. Just as the free market has encouraged growth in other sectors of our society, DeVos believes that this philosophy can take hold in education and lead to countless opportunities for growth through choice.


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Stream Energy

Children are the innocent ones. They don’t know what causes homelessness. They don’t understand the meaning of downsizing or layoffs. Divorce is a foreign concept in their limited view of their small worlds. Children only know joy or pain, happy or sad, not cause and effect. They don’t get pink slips and eviction notices. They don’t compute mortgage rates and automobile interest loans. Their only concerns are fluffy the dog, favorite foods like pizza and peanut butter, and the little doll that gets them to sleep. Their best friend is a puppy or mom or dad. They get love and protection, and when their worlds are shattered, the shock is evidenced in their faces but lost on their minds. Stream Energy cares.

There is nothing in this world sadder than the face of a traumatized child. When a child loses their home, their sense of the world around them changes, and they are forced to grasp ideas and realities that their young minds were not yet meant to comprehend. The scars of devastation can stay with them throughout their lives well into adulthood. Homelessness has a psychological effect on children that often go untreated because families are severely cash-strapped. The parental focus is on housing while their own mental health goes unchecked. Homelessness is a terrible break to the family structure. It is one of the most difficult situations to have overcome. The Stream Energy foundation: Stream Cares, is a philanthropic organization that works in the Dallas community to assist families with recovery efforts from homelessness. Stream Energy partners with other organizations to bring smiles back to the faces of homeless children.

A day in a water park may not seem like much to someone who has lost their home, but Stream Energy knows how vital it is to restore children back to the natural state of being. Children smile and play; laugh and have fun; that is their natural way. The efforts of companies to help in the fight against homelessness is much appreciated, especially by those whose days were made brighter for just a moment.



George Soros’ Journey to an Open Society

George Soros is of Hungarian descent, from the darker Nazi times. In the 1940s, the Nazis went on a rampage, killing over 500,000 Jews in Hungary. At this point, Soros’ parents changed their identity from Schwartz to the now Soros to survive the attack on Jews. Once they had concealed their backgrounds, they helped other Jews escape the Nazis. It’s at this tender age that he learnt that there needs to be someone speaking and fighting for the voiceless and minorities.George Soros is one of the world’s greatest philanthropist, having donated over $12 billion over the years. Usually, he focuses on uplifting those shunned by the world for who they are. He believes that these organisations and individuals should fight for freedom of expression, transparency, justice, and equality. Groups such as LGBTIs, drug users, and sex workers have also been marginalised, and he feels it’s only fair that they are treated fairly.

To support his studies in the London school of economics, George worked two jobs. He had just migrated from Budapest to London and dreamt of success in finance and investments. In 1970, he launched the Soros fund management that set his pace as one of the greatest investors in the USA.In 1979, Soros established the open society foundations, motivated by Karl poppers book, open society, and its enemies. The book argues that the world can flourish when allowed freedom of expression, democracy, and respect for individual rights. With this principle, Soros sets out to change the world. At first, his foundation aided in business development, independence for media, advancing justice, public health, education, etc. His organization helps numerous causes, over 500 pages such as: combating brain drain in Europe, aiding natural disaster regions, and financial assistance for Russian University systems, among many others.

In the fight against apartheid, Soros was on the front line giving scholarships to South African students. This was at the end of the cold war, and he was extending his philanthropy into Africa, Asia, and the United States. In the 80s, eastern communist bloc wanted an open exchange of ideas. But in this era, a very unwelcome move in that period. Solos, however, ensured the provision of photocopiers to have idea exchanged on paper. George Soros(@georgesoros)|Twitter was one of the greatest critics on the war against drugs. It ensured that movements such as the medical marijuana were empowered and policies put in place to defend them.Over time, George Soros causes have evolved. One thing, however, remains same: his commitment to fighting the worlds intractable problems. He empowers people to handle even the most losing causes as he demonstrated over the years. His financial success gave him the independence to forge his path. Goerge Soros thus believes it is his calling to create a way for others in the world until the world can achieve an open society.