Sam Boraie Changing the Ruins to Beautiful Developments

Rebuilding New Brunswick was not what Sam Boraie had in mind when he first moved there. He had moved from Egypt to study for his Ph.D. in Chemistry. He got interested in real estate and decided to venture into it. When Johnson & Johnson decided to remain in the city and help it rise from declining property value and negligence in 1975, Mr. Boraie decided to buy neglected structures and convert them into something more appealing.

The publication on the Central Jersey Working Moms mentioned that in 1988, Omar Boraie opened his first project, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One which has state of the art offices. Later, Omar finished the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two and followed it with another big project, the One Spring Street Condominium. The new project consisted of one-hundred and twenty apartments most of them being two-bedrooms going for between $ 400,000 to $ 500,000. One and three bedroom apartments were also available. The houses are classic with floor to ceiling windows and full balconies.

Wasseem taking after Omar

Wasseem Boraie, the son of Omar and vice-president of Boraie Development, has a passion for rebuilding like his father. When Showboat Atlantic City sold the area around Richard Stockon College, it did not look like a habitable place. With an innovative mind that comes up with great ideas just like his father Omar, Wasseem renovated the hostels to hold up to four hundred students within no time.

At first, Omar Boraie was faced with doubt from people who did not think his idea will work. But being passionate and a dream chaser has seen him succeed even beyond imagination; New Brunswick looks so different and beautiful than it did in 1975. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

Boraire Development’s Services

According to NY Times, Boraie Development LLC founded by Omar Boraie is a development firm that focuses primarily on property management, real estate development and sales and marketing. Their main objective is to work with the best contractors, architects and financial institutions to bring out successful projects and provide their clients with excellent services.

Boraie’s property management team ensures that their properties are exceptionally maintained. Physical improvement and maintenance are done so that the buildings can remain in good condition. Boraie Development has over thirty years’ experience in real estate making it be among the best developers and most sought after. The sales and marketing teams consist of qualified employees who guide customers to get the best properties that suit their needs. The work of Boraie Development speaks for itself. A good example is the beautiful New Brunswick.

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