Doe Deere Beauty Guru Soon To Defy Gravity

Doe Deere is the eclectic visionary beauty of the century coming up with mind-bogglingy brilliant ideas that push the limits and have managed to completely change the game of how the beauty industry works. Creating an abundance of fantastical beauty products all comprised under the goals of making something outstandingly vibrant that is also animal cruelty free, vegan, and 100% ass kicking unique! With extravagantly bold shades coming from every corner of the rainbow, all the way from baby pinks and robin egg blues to mystical emerald shades, dark magic purples, and even a crisp gold that you can freely paint your skin with, Doe Deere’s makeup line Lime Crime is breaking every barrier known to man in order to inspire the world at large to stand tall in the colors that they are and unapologetically let their makeup scream. Complete with unique matte lipsticks known as Velvetines, the ever popular holographic glosses called Diamond Crushers, as well as their Venus eye shadow palettes and the effervescent glow of their Hi-Lite kit, Lime Crime is an impeccable brand that is a friend to all; animals and human kin alike.

The Russian born creative visionary genius responsible for creating Lime Crime, Doe Deere, grew up in the New York City Area with her parents and quickly fell in love with all the extreme people building businesses and making their names known with all their many variations of colorful souls. That and the overwhelming need for a respectable vegan, cruelty free makeup line that has more than just a couple dull shades of lipsticks cemented Doe Deere’s dreams to create an outrageous makeup line that would ultimately defy every single beauty rule that has ever been written.

No longer are you going to be forced to live with boring choices that hardly show up against your skin thanks to their annoyingly muted hues, nor will you have to smear products on your face that were made through the abhorrent abuses of innocent animals thanks to the brilliance that is Lime Crime. This revolutionary line of makeup products truly is turning the world upside down and it’s all well and good that someone is finally tipping the scales and making a difference. Next thing you know Doe Deere will be not only defying supposed ancient beauty rules, but she will also be defying gravity due to her refreshing stance against mindless, pointless authorities.