Matthew Fleeger’s Path To Success

Matthew Fleeger is the very successful CEO of Gulf Coast Western, but he didn’t start his career here. Matthew attended Southern Methodist University where he gained vast knowledge on marketing and finance. He got his inspiration from his father who owned a successful oil and gas company.

Fleeger job hopped for seven years while trying to gain substantial experience in his field. He successfully excelled in management roles of the companies he worked for. Although he had numerous companies in Texas eagerly wanting to hire him, Fleeger took a position at Gulf Coast Western which was his family’s company. His employment here was rewarding, but Fleeger had an urge to move on and find his own business. Fleeger founded his own company, MedSolutions in 1993 which managed and disposed of medical wastes.

Over the next 14 years, until 2007, Matthew Fleeger brought MedSolutions to industry-wide success. After much negotiating, he sold MedSolutions to an organization called Stericycle for $59 million. Fleeger then returned to Gulf Coast Western and took the position of president for the company. He remains the very successful president of Gulf Coast Western to this day.

After returning to his family business in 2007, Fleeger purchased the assets of another oil company to grow the financial backing and client base of Gulf Coast Western. This led to the bounding success of Gulf Coast Western and what it is today.

Matthew Fleeger attributes a big part of his success in his entrepreneurial companies to honesty, integrity and creativity for himself, his employees and his clients. Fleeger believes that without these three principles, Gulf Coast Western would not be the successful company it is today.

In addition, Fleeger attributes his productiveness to spending the first part of every day with his children his inspiration, and brings them to school.