A Humanitarian Man for the Ages

Adam Milstein is an important individual within the Jewish community, both in the United States and around the world. Milstein is responsible for the creation of several charitable organizations, and also a movement to encourage Pride within the Jewish community. Organizations created by Milstein and his wife Gila, particularly the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, are corporation that support the spread of Jewish sentiment and also the spreading of knowledge about the benefits of self-identifying. These social movements promote the use of nonviolent protests,events,as well as different forms of activities to help spread a sense of brotherhood and belonging. It is for this reason that Adam Milstein has been added to the list of 50 most influential Jewish individuals currently living on the planet.

Milstein himself is at number 39 on the list, which places him on a very elite listing of individuals throughout the world. This ranking cannot be added to the list of other awards, responsibilities, and achievements that Milstein has received over the years. He is currently being identified to the rest of the world as a well-known the philanthropist, humanitarian, activist, and of course a leader of the Jewish community.

Information on Adam Milstein and his achievements can be found throughout different websites on the internet, as well as various news articles. With this additional addition to his livelihood it is no doubt that Milstein will continue to grow in popularity within the Jewish community will will continue to offer the same high level of support that he does to today in the future towards his people.

How John Goullet Furthers the Mission of Diversant

Diversant, a name in IT services, has now become the largest IT staffing and solutions firm. This came on the heels of a major transition that occurred when the economy began to take a nosedive. Many companies began looking at their books and trying to figure out where they could make budget cuts. This meant that most of the cuts came from IT, and outsourcing those jobs became easier. This is because companies were seeking ways to trim the fat of their expenses, but still get the job done. This meant cutting employees and getting IT staff from a staffer like Diversant.

This is something John Goullet knows all about. Having started as an IT consultant, Goullet has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur within the IT sector. It wasn’t until 1994 that Goullet made the switch to IT staffing, an industry in which he is now able to make a name for himself, along with Gene Waddy, the CEO of Diversant. Prior to his venture into IT staffing, Goullet led the development of many successful ventures. His drive as an entrepreneur gave him tremendous insight into how the business grows and is developed in the IT sector.

Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994, and over time he was able to grow the revenue to more than $30 million dollars. The company quickly grew to number 8 on the list of fastest growing firms that is privately held. In 2010, the company was merged with Diversant, making Goullet the Principal for Diversant.

Highland Capital Gives Back

There are a lot of companies today that work on giving back to customers and the local community. However, few companies perform as well in this area as Highland Capital. Over the years, the company has made a lot of investments of time and money into the local Dallas area. This is just one of the many reasons the company is so highly rated by customers. James Dondero has instilled a culture of giving within the company. As the leader of Highland Capital, he is passionate about taking the company to the next level. He has worked in the financial planning industry for many years, and he wants to make Highland Capital one of the leading investments firms in the country.

James Dondero

Giving back to others is something that James Dondero is passionate about. Even when the company was much smaller, he always wanted to be involved in the local community. He believes that companies should work with the local community in an effort to improve the quality of life for residents. In Dallas, the economy has done really well over the past couple of years. However, there are still a lot of people who need financial help. This is where Dondero wants to make the largest impact. He knows how to bring people out of poverty and into prosperity based on financial principles.

Future Plans

In the future, James Dondero wants to continue to grow Highland and be involved in the local community. He recently started a giving challenge where he would personally give money out if the goals were reached. He is a great person to work with for a variety of reasons. Not only does he want the best for his customers, but he also wants to help people in the local community.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-announces-1-million-challenge-grant-from-highland-capital-management-to-finish-the-family-places-165-million-capital-campaign-300341376.html

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James Dondero

Brexit Coins Available in Silver and Gold for Wealth Protection and Collection

It is time for keeping gold and silver to preserve wealth. Just in time for the many collectors and protectors of wealth. An exclusive source for these now very popular Brexit gold coin collector coins is the Coin Invest Trust and Cook Islands who are teaming up to commemorate this historic pivot point in history. The severing of ties for the British economy from the European Union, Brexit has become a coin for those who wish to hold that special day in their hands and in their home vaults and safes.

The vote that took place on June 23, 2016 is forever ennobled in silver and gold coins. The celebration of Britain taking back their country and bolstering their patriotic sovereignty is captured on the coins that have a Union Jack outlined on the United Kingdom. In the surrounding area is Europe, just as the continent and the British Isles appear on the globe. The famous date of June 23, 2016 with an arrow pointing up to the word ‘Brexit’ appears on the coin as well. The flip side of the coin has a standard effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The silver coin is so attractive that they are already sold out.

The program that is being directed by Coin Invest Trust, a private company that is the issuer of this Brexit coin minting is based in Lichtenstein. Coin Invest Trust has set up the three denominations of these Brexit Collector Coins. There is the .999 fine silver coin that is called one dollar. The next more valuable coin is the .9999 fine gold piece that has the denomination of a five dollar coin. The most precious is the .9999 fine gold twenty coin. These each have the design of the United Kingdom covered by the Union Jack set across the channel from Europe.

More features of the coins involve the weight of each of them. The twenty gold Brexit coin is one of 3.1 grams and it has the diameter of twenty six millimeters. There are only 2016 of these pieces made. These are still available, however, none of the three types of coins are being sold in the United States. Second markets are necessary to purchase of these coins for those collectors and investors in the United States. The five dollar Brexit coin looks just like the twenty but it is lighter at half a gram and is only eleven millimeters in diameter. Some 10,000 of these were minted. Keeping these coins will be a special treat for all coin collectors and of course they will add beauty, historic pride and exclusive patriotism and nationalism to the collection of anyone who took part in the vote or the support for those who played any part in the much anticipated and shocking results of the vote by the United Kingdom and the British to finally break the economic binds with the faltering Euro.

Learn more: https://www.rt.com/uk/347748-brexit-fears-buying-gold/

Mike Baur Appreciates Creative Ideas Through Support At The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory is among the most successful ICT accelerator programs in Switzerland. The idea behind the formation of the company was conceived by Mike Baur and since its inception in 2014, the company has grown and attracted many startups looking for a platform on which to nurture their ideas. Mike Baur is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who had worked as a banker for nearly 20 years before he exited to try his passion in business.


His journey in entrepreneurship is a reflection of the dedication he has put to the management of the company and the promising future that people should look forward to. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, he has elevated simple ideas into business ventures and empowered dreams that have grown into realities. Below is a reflection of how his venture the Swiss Startup Factory has impacted the world of entrepreneurship.


Professional analyses

A business targets a specific market and the customers eyed by a marketing campaign should be made to believe in the products being offered by the business. The Swiss Startup Factory offers professional analyses that reveal the true nature of the business in relation to the market. With information about the market, one is able to make an informed decision.


Goal definition and staffing

Whether is to come up with new products or business models, having definite goals allows one to make use of available data to achieve the specific goal defined in a project. To answer the needs of clients and to deal with specific challenges, one needs to have a definite path that leads to the achievement of the goals laid out at the onset.


Finding solutions

Additionally, the Swiss Startup Factory offers solutions to the challenges that prevent the attainment of success in startups. The company offers elaborate plans that define focused approaches for the development of a strong business.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Mike Baur is a person whose ideas have impacted many young individuals with startups and strong entrepreneurial skills. He pursued baking and earned an MBA and an Executive MBA, something that has seen him work in the private banking industry of Switzerland for almost 20 years.

Securus Technologies Is Changing Inmate Communications

Recently, there have been many concerns raised about the cost and quality of telephone calls for inmates. Though the inmates are in prison for doing something wrong, it is often the family members that also pay the price. The quality of calls is something that is a huge concern. Many report dropped calls, problems with connections, and many hoops to jump through just to get their loved one on the other line. The telephone systems have been poor at best. However, Securus Technologies is going to change all of that.

Video Technology Will End Inmate Communication Issues

Within the past two months, this company has unveiled their plans to use video phone calls for both prisoners and their families. These types of phone calls will allow them to see their children, watch their interactions, and put a face with the voice. While it may not mean much to the people who are not affected by the prison phone systems, those who have had to struggle with communication see it as a miraculous invention.

Seeing Loved Ones On Video Screens Will Change Everything

Often it is the children that suffer the most from their parent’s incarceration. They must, oftentimes, grow up without that parent. Prison is not always the safest place to take a child. Some don’t even live close enough to make the commute each month for visitation. This type of phone calls will allow families to connect even though they are separated by miles.

Changes Are Forthcoming

The systems are being tested right now and will be installed in prisons across the country soon. These systems should bridge the gap between communication and poor service that so many have been arguing is problematic. It will be a change in the right direction for inmate telecommunications. Since the FCC asked for an investigation into some illegal practices and mandated changes, this is something that the federal agency can get behind.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.