The Unpredictable Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a graduate of the University of Purdue and is a holder of a degree in Organizational Leadership which he managed to achieve on a full football scholarship. His first business venture was Fanlink, Inc. which he was a co-founder and had as well worked with the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets before that. After Fanlink, he served at iS3 Inc. as executive vice president who is a company that deals with software. Currently, he is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital services which is a company that majors in offering digital support to clients globally. Being a digital era, people and companies experience technical issues which they expect to have the best people in place to solve. In that case, ATS Digital Services offers their clients assurance that whenever they have connectivity problems or fundamental issues, the company will deliver to their expectations and satisfaction. Robert Deignan got the idea of putting up his current company from a previous company where he worked and saw that opportunity. After the challenges he and his partners faced in the company regarding dealing with malware and making customers trust in their strategy, they decided to put up their own company to help solve various technological issues.

Robert Deignan on his part appreciates the customers at ATS and therefore makes sure they are treated well and are given a reason to come back more than once. With the increase in technology, the demand for related services has risen over the years, and Robert Deignan is keen to keep up with the current trends. In that case, his clients get offered services that are up to date considering that technology has become a part of the society more than anything else. He has advice for business people, and he discourages involving family and friends which he terms to be risky. He is as well clear on having people trust their instinct when making a business decision no matter how big or small it may seem. Either way, discipline, and courage should be involved because wavering could be damaging due to a waste of significant time. At some point though, it should not be all about work as one should find time for themselves to spend with friends and family. For Robert Deignan, he loves boat riding and fishing, and he has even won the 79th Silver Sailfish Contest.

Vijay Eswaran Is a Mentor and Role Model

The name Vijay Eswaran is vastly associated with the industry of marketing. He wears many hats not only as a company executive but also an author and a motivational speaker. Most fundamentally, he owns an empire that needs his attention as a business leader. With his passion, he has been dedicated to making sure that this empire flourishes in the long run. In addition to that, Vijay Eswaran has been a great role model for young entrepreneurs who are seeking to establish their career as individuals.


While Eswaran may seem successful as of now, he had to put in a lot of work in order to succeed. For starters, he was born to very humble parents who had to invest a lot of time and effort to making sure that he acquires an education in the long run. That is how he managed to move to the United States of America and get higher education. Over the past few years he has earned the trust of his peers while working in companies like IBM where he held a senior position as the head of the management. His role included streamlining the management to make sure that every employee performs up to task.


Around 1990, Vijay Eswaran moved back to Asia where he focused on starting business. Perhaps that was the best idea he ever made in life because he was now able to focus on his career in multilevel marketing. Because he was passionate about working with like-minded individuals who understood his passion and interests in starting a business, he decided to delve into the multilevel marketing industry and establish QI Group. This company is a unit of different companies including real estate, hospitality, and finance in addition to business management. With the firm in different geographical locations including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, Vijay Eswaran has been able to reach out to different people in different locations.


Aside from running QI Group, Vijay Eswaran is a qualified motivational speaker who speaks in different forums with the aim of empowering the young. Moreover, he works hard to make sure that these people grasp the basic details of investing in multilevel marketing. To better empower them, he advises them to invest in a few key virtues that will work for them including service to their clients.

End Citizens United Endorses High Profile Candidates For 2018 Midterm Elections

There are just six months left until voters make their choices in the 2018 midterm elections. End Citizens United has continued to endorse candidates who have announced they firmly support campaign finance reform efforts.

This organization was established in the wake of the ruinous 2010 Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United vs. FEC. They want to overturn this decision and put in place real campaign finance reform that will reign in the dark money being dumped into political campaigns by corporations.

A number of the candidates End Citizens United have endorsed are political newcomers seeking to replace Republican politicians currently in office. The pro-reform candidates they support are unfairly disadvantaged against their opponents who accept massive sums of corporate dark money and then support these corporations interests over that of their own constituents. However, candidates endorsed by End Citizens United have advantages as their endorsement leads to candidates picking up a lot of grassroots donations from regular people. They gain access to this organization’s vast national network of over 400,000 donors with the average donation being $14. Altogether around $35 million is expected to be raised from this network for the upcoming midterm elections.

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End Citizens United has endorsed many candidates in high profile races. One of these is Beto O’Rourke who has represented the 16th Congressional District of Texas for the past six years. He is seeking to replace Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz has been owned by special interests and dark money since he first ran for the US Senate. Beto O’Rourke doesn’t accept dark money and also gave his support to legislation that was written to reduce the influence of this sort of money.

Randy Bryce is another Democratic candidate that End Citizens United has endorsed. He was running to replace the current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Not too long ago, though, Paul Ryan announced he wasn’t seeking to be reelected and bowed out of the race, saying that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Randy Brice is a former union ironworker as well as a veteran of the Army who has received huge small donor support. He had raised more than $1.75 million more than Paul Ryan and the average amount of money raised from each person is $25.

Louis Chenevert and His Inspiring Story

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec. He gained an interest in business and entrepreneurship as a child, and knew at a young age that dedication and hard work would offer him the prosperous lifestyle he wanted. Following his love of business, he attended HEC Montreal Business School at the University of Montreal obtaining his degree in production management where he learned how to ensure quality production, correct quantities, and minimum cost giving businesses the greatest profit possible. Upon graduation from university, Chenevert began working at General Motors in St. Therese, Quebec where he was made manager over the General Motors assembly line in Montreal.  

After his time at General Motors, where he stayed for 14 years, Chenevert was ready for a career transition. He recently gave an interview about his transition and how it excelled him to his start in business leadership. Chenervert says that with a great deal of support, he transitioned to a new phase in life and joined Pratt and Whitney (P&W) Company in 1993. While there, Chenevert cut manufacturing costs by 10% in only a year. He used his experience from assembly lines to speed up the process of engine building saving the company money production and labor. After only three years, Chenervert became president of P&W. With his leadership and eye for growing businesses, he took a struggling company and made it once again profitable. He reached his financial goals for the company and turned executive heads at P&W’s parent company, UTC.

Louis continued to make improvements on labor, cutting costs, increasing the number of engines he produced, and growing the number of engines offered. His business savvy mind and the growth of the business made him a prime candidate for chairman of the corporation at the head office at UTC in 2006. In 2008, he was named the CEO and President of UTC where his knowledge and skill took the company to new heights. After retiring in 2014, Chenevert spends his time learning new hobbies and cultivating his interests. Though he loved being a businessman, retirement suits him well.

Wes Edens, Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Robert Edens is an American private equity investor and co-owner of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the co-owner of a sports team, and owner of an eSports team. Wesley Robert Edens went to school at Oregon State University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in 1984.

He then began his career at Lehman brothers where he served as both partner and managing director from 1987 to 1993. He then joined the BlackRock Financial Management. He worked here also as a partner and managing director till 1997.

After this, he worked for a number of corporations at various top positions. These corporations include the Union bank of Switzerland, the Global Principal Finance Group, and Impac Finance Group among others. These positions would groom him for his role in Fortress. Mr. Wes Edens partnered with four others: Peter Briger Jr, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward, to form Fortress Investment Group in 1998. This is a firm that invests primarily in real estate, health care, transport, financial services, infrastructure, and media.

This firm grew and on February 9, 2007, became the first company to goes public. By 2009, the firm had sold to the public an 8% share for 600 million dollars. Since then, the firm has continually made great progress by developing major projects in other countries. He is currently serves as the company’s Private Equity Chief Investment Officer, Principal and President of Private Equity. He is as well the Head of Private Equity and Co-chairman. He also played a major role when the company’s stock price fell after subprime mortgage crisis by offering subprime lending.

In 2014, Wes Edens and Mark Lasry partnered to purchase from Herb Kohl the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise that is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wes Edens also owns an eSport brand known as FlyQuest which he created on January 6, 2017. FlyQuest is a professional eSports League of Legends team that is based in the US. Wes is a self-made billionaire with a net worth of 1.6 billion dollars. He currently ranks #962 on the Forbes top billionaires list. According to BizJournals, Edens’ takes home a 54 million dollars pay, 41 million in dividends and 13 million in direct compensation.

Wes Edens has major expertise in the private equity finance sector as well as great experience in directing and business leadership. Therefore his successes are only likely to increase going forward.


Rick Shinto is the president of InnovaCare. The healthcare company is at the forefront of providing enriching medical care to various individuals who have subscribed to its services. The president says that his company is driven by exemplary values such as patent vision, accurate communication, and excellent working relations.

In addition    to this, InnovaCare also puts special care on employing expert professionals who will propel the company to success. Moreover, the growth that they bring ensures that the healthcare firm is driven towards success. Transparency is also a common value of InnovaCare, around the health industry this is a vital component of success. By providing a perfect environment for healthcare management, the company follows its mission statement to the letter. The healthcare firm has branches in the locale of Puerto Rico which are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. These affiliates are accredited by NCQA and they operate at a 90% client satisfaction rate. They got the accreditation in 2011 when they surpassed the quality expectations of assurance. Moreover, NCQA also ensures that their accreditation is given to companies that meet their expectations of protections of customers and quality improvement.


Mr. Shinto is a reputable authority figure in the industry of healthcare. As the capable president of the healthcare firm, he ensures that the company is steered towards success. The president also has immeasurable technical experience and leadership qualities to the healthcare firm. Rick Shinto has experience in both clinical healthcare and operational healthcare services. The president is a former recipient of the annual entrepreneur award from Ernst & Young. This brilliant award is given to leaders who are dedicated to excellence. Mr. Shinto got this award when he was working for Aveta Inc.

Rick Shinto began his career in Southern California where he worked as an intern. He has had a long and illustrative career. Other positions that he has held include Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima and the Vice President of Medical Management. In addition to this, Mr. Shinto has also worked for Medical Pathways Management Company as a leader in operations and medical procedures. Prior to joining, InnovaCare, he was working for NAMM in California.

Mr. Shinto has an MBA from an American university. In addition to this, he also has a medical degree from New York’s State University. Moreover, he graduated from a university in California with a BS. Rick Shinto is a prolific author who has written various titles on clinical medicine.

Lori Senecal Announces Resignation

CP&B has been increasing its profits in the recent times. Customers from many parts of the world have been wondering the cause of the great performance. The institution hired one of the best professionals to become the global chief executive officer several years ago, and this turned out to be the turning point for the large international company. CP&B has crossed boundaries and moved to new markets because of the leader it chose several years ago. Lori Senecal has been the force of change that has made the company a leader in the international arena.


As the chief executive of the firm, Lori Senecal has been taking her duties in the large institution so well. According to the management of the company, the profits in this company has doubled and shocked the international community. The employees who have different roles have been giving the company all reasons to smile. These people have a great leader who understands all the queries, and he has been playing a huge role in the amount of output in the organization. When Lori Senecal came into the company, she wanted to educate and transform the workers because she knew that they had a great role to play in the success the company would acquire. For more details visit Bloomberg.


After empowering the employees, Lori Senecal started registering the changes she had admired. Many people thought that she wanted the employees to quit their jobs so that they could start their ventures on their own. However, her strategies proved people wrong when things started changing for the better. After a very successful period in CP&B, Lori Senecal will be expected to leave her position as the company CEO. The businesswoman will be abandoning the prestigious role after her contract with the institution expired. Lori Senecal has not yet announced her next move after her resignation. The management in the international company is looking for an individual who is qualified enough to fill the position that was occupied by Senecal.


Senecal is not a stranger when it comes to the management of organizations. The businesswoman has worked for large companies in the past, and this is the primary reason she is highly experienced.



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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Was Motivated By Writer’s Political Beliefs

At age 57, Sean Penn has accomplished much of the American dream. He is an actor, a producer, a film writer, a political activist, and now a novelist. He is the author of the new book that is getting many rave reviews, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Penn credits his book as being a depiction of his political views. In the book, he openly critiques the current president’s administration. Penn was well known for being a notorious activist some years ago when he visited Iran, Cuba, and Iraq in an attempt to engage with political leaders.


Penn transitioned to writing because he felt that there was where he could be more productive. He feels that the movie industry has become too commercialized, and is changing the way people view society. The movies of today are telling people what to talk and think about. Readers are given the opportunity to form their own opinion about certain things. People are wondering if Penn will write a sequel to Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and his indication is that he has something cooking. It would be interesting to see if he softens his political stand, or he would take it further. Maybe he will venture off into another sphere and write something fictional.


Penn enjoys his writing because he can feel free, and there are no inhibitions. Right now, he is keeping the literary community on their toes, not knowing what he will write next. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is about an antagonistic character who has strong political views, but is not very much for talking, or letter writing to campaign for the way he feels. Instead, he is driven to perform many violent acts. The actions of Bob Honey are truly motivated by the political views of the author. Penn makes no secret of this. Penn assuredly states his opinion of the current President is that he is an enemy of mankind. In Bob Honey he references the President as Mr. Landlord. Penn deals with the political movements of modern day in a very unique ways, using his pen.

Another One From NGP VAN

NGP VAN is one of the biggest partisan company in the united states. It is affiliated with the American Democratic Party, which it has involved itself with the Obama campaign of 2008 and in 2012. It also took part in Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign and the one on Hillary Clinton in 2016. The company has also worked with the British Liberal Democrats and the Liberal Party of Canada. The company focusses on providing software solutions to the campaign by providing the campaign team with applications and database. NGP VAN is still privately owned and was founded by Mark Sullivan and Nathaniel Pearlman with the current president and CEO of the company is still Stuart Trevelyan. It currently boasts of 190 employees.

The biggest problem with most politicians and campaigns, especially at a large scale has always been canvassing. NGP VAN once called Voter Activation Network has come with a solution to this problem. The app called Minivan is a free downloadable app that reduces printing of canvas cards. This, in turn, reduces the cost of the campaign in a very large way. The use of the application is very simple.

First, the user has to download the contact list. Secondly, he has to have a map that helps him track the households. This assists the user to easily track his progress and keep records.

Minivan, the application offered and maintained by NGP VAN has various advantages. The first and obvious is that it makes the whole process paperless, reducing the cost and time used to put up the cards. It also helps the user be target specific to those he wants to contact and work with. The second advantage is the low cost of data it uses. The application only needs the use of data on the first upload. The rest of time the application can be used offline. The final advantage, the use of the application offline can help the gadget save power. It enables the application to be used over a long period of time without requiring charging. Carbon footprint and the initiative of saving the environment can be one of the factors it helps you save.

This application by NPG VAN is an easy to use, convenient and paperless mode of canvassing and to top it all it is free to download.

Cosmetic Surgery with the Help of Dr. Jennifer Walden

If you would like to make a difference in your home and know that this is something that is going to change you for the better, it is time to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been working on people for a long time when it concerns their cosmetic surgery needs. Whether you need a simple face lift or a total body lift, Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to do this work for you at a price that you can afford. From affordable prices to payment plans and financing, it’s no wonder that people come far and wide to see this particular doctor.

The fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden is based out of Texas makes it effortless for you to make the decision to contact the doctor and set up an appointment for you to be seen. Once you do this, it is just a matter of figuring out what you need and want for yourself and what is going to help you to feel better about yourself. You are going to want to make use of this for your own needs and see if Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to help you as she has for a lot of other people.

There are a lot of reasons for you to make use of Dr. Jennifer Walden and see if she can transform your body and life for the better. Now is the best way for you to make use of this for yourself and see if this is something that you’re going to want for yourself. Dr. Jennifer Walden has years of experience and has been working with patients of all types and sizes for many years. Because of this, she’s a doctor you can trust when getting this type of work done.

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