Madison Street Capital Nominated for Award

Recently the M&A Advisor announced that Madison Street Capital is a finalist to win the 15th annual M&A Advisor Award. With a number of accomplishments by the international investment banking firm this past year, M&A Advisor believes that Madison Street Capital is in good position to receive this high honor. With this award, Madison Street Capital would be known to reach the pinnacle of achievement in the financial services industry. Whenever an investment banking firm such as Madison Street Capital wins this particular award, they are recognized for excellence in making deals, providing important financing, and also for achievement in leading firms and other professionals in the industry.


Along with this award, Madison Street Capital has been nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and also the International and Industrials Deal of the Year. These nominations have been made due to the firm’s involvement in facilitating an acquisition of the company Acuna & Associados. The founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway has expressed his satisfaction with the firm being nominated as the firm of the year. He has also stated that the firm’s ongoing efforts to connect clients to deals that will improve their financial situation and meet their various needs.


Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm offers a wide range of services that help numerous businesses meet their financial needs. With Madison Street Capital, both public and privately held companies can get access to capital on a consistent basis. They will be in position to expand and finance other activities that can lead to more profitability. Madison Street Capital provides business valuation, financial advisory, and mergers and acquisitions. All of these services are available to help various companies get the help they need to reach their many goals.


One thing that has led to establishing the Madison Street Capital reputation is its approach to making deals. The firm looks to make their client’s goals their own goals. As a result, they will work around the clock to help ensure that clients get the financial resources they need to fund their objectives. Along with their trademark philosophy of making their own goals the same as the client’s, Madison Street Capital emphasizes leadership, integrity and excellence. Using these values has enabled the firm to emerge as one of the top financial services companies in the entire world.

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Innovacare Health is the premier healthcare management services in North America. Richard Shinto (Rick) and Penelope Kokkinides are among the leaders who are at the helm of heralding the company towards greater heights.

About innovacare health solutions

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a healthcare management company which aims at making the medical care environment better.In 2011 both of their Medicare Advantage were awarded a Commendable Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). This award is given to plans whose clinical quality meets the association’s meticulous needs for the consumer. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

About Penelope kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the former Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare Inc. Presently she is the Chief Administrative Officer of the healthcare company. Before this, she was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Centerlight HealthCare.

She has also served as the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice a branch of UnitedHealth and Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health. The healthcare manager has more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare management. Her expertise includes government programs which include Medicaid and Medicare.

The management expert has a Public Health Degree from Columbia University; a social work Master’s from New York University, Classical languages and Biological Sciences Degree which she acquired from Binghamton University. Read more about Penelope on

About Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer at MMM Healthcare, Inc. He is also the President and Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare Health Solutions. He is also the Director of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC.

Although he has over 20 years experience in the healthcare management field, he started his medical career as an intern and practicing pulmonologist.Before joining InnovaCare Health Solutions, Richard Shinto was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc and a part of the management team. He also worked as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company.

Mr. Shinto has also worked for NAMM California as a Chief Medical Officer a post which he also held at Cal Optima Health Plan. The medical manager has also worked as Chief Corporate Vice President for Medical Management for MedPartners.Dr.Shinto holds a degree in medicine from New York’s State University. He attended the University of Redlands and attained an M.B.A. He also holds a B.S from the University of California. He is also known as Rick, M.D.

George Soros Is Fighting For the Left

The Quantum Fund

George Soros is most well known for the Quantum Fund and the work he has done in hedge fund speculation. Without fail, he has managed to spend the last 40 years accurately predicting market conditions. At the top of the finance industry, he has nowhere else to go, but this doesn’t stop him from finding new ways to expand. Currently he is looking for ways to help improve the multicultural tradition of America. With the recent rise of nativism in American politics he wants to do everything he can to help the Left find a way back into power. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

Social Justice in America

George Soros has made America a major focus of his efforts to bring more social justice to the world. In particular, he has focused on civil rights and prison reform as major areas of focus. In Southern states known for their large prison populations he has contributed to the campaign funds of politicians that promise they will do something to try to change the current paradigm of the American justice system. His efforts appear to have paid off as district attorneys in many southern states now agree with a more progressive approach to crime fighting.

Social Justice in Europe

Across the Atlantic Ocean there has been controversy surrounding the introduction of a new wave of migrants from the Levant. These migrants are generally unable to speak the language of the countries hosting them and clash with the local population for cultural reasons. In order to hello these migrants better integrate in their home countries George Soros has devoted much wealth towards programs designed to help them better integrate.

What He Wants To Do Now

George Soros isn’t going to let the election of Donald Trump distract him from his goals. He has already stated what he believes about the Donald Trump presidency and what he feels about his agenda. He will do everything he can to fight against his attempts to change the immigration process and he will not allow Trump to move forward with his agenda. Soros has a long record of doing everything he can to make the world around a better place. He wants to continue that record today. Read this story at about George Soros.

About George Soros

Billionaire George Soros has spent much of his life as the manager of the Quantum Fund and furthering his investments into the hedge fund world. Beyond his success in finance he has also had an active role in philanthropy through his Open Society Foundation. Even today he continues to use his influence to help the Left in its efforts to promote tolerance, diversity, and free trade across the world.

Why Use George Street Photo and Video Services in the NYC Region

If you are looking to capture that first moment the two of you met while in NYC, the best photography agency in the region to deliver the goods is George Street Photo and Video Services of New York City. The team knows all the most breathtaking spots in this area, and some off the beaten path spots as well.

It doesn’t matter if you met on the subway, on the top of the Empire State Building, or while hailing a cab near Central Park, the team at George Street Photo and Video NYC Services will get you back to that location in New York City and preserve the moment in pictures forever.

Now when you look back at your anniversary, wedding, or first date, you will look fondly on that time and can share you pictures with everyone. The photography team excels in creating those memories that will last a lifetime.

Securus Technologies Is Receiving Accolades From Its Customers

I was not surprised to see the comments coming in from jail officials through emails and formal letters. They were expressing their thanks to Securus Technologies and its staff in helping to solve cases and making the Facility a much safer place.

They spoke about phone calls being monitored. These gave information concerning alcohol use by inmates, any kind of drug selling and drug use in the facility or even possible access to any cellular device. These calls gave information about threats and any suspicious activity regarding money getting transferred. There may be talks about any a past incident that would involve shots being fired. There have even been talks of a civilian admitting selling of prescription drugs at some discount.

In fact, there are many correctional facilities that have been relying on the technology solutions being offered by Securus Technologies for decades now. They have expressed appreciation that Securus Technologies is committed to revolutionizing the incarceration environment. This is why they are progressively helping the jail officials in improving public safety in their jurisdiction.

Just like me, even other are impressed with their vision. The kind of current assessment done by Securus Technologies helps in developing emerging capabilities. These further enable the investigations and improve the jail security. The evolution of these kinds of investigative tools along with the capabilities provided tends to intertwine with the aggressive investigative mindset of the jail officials.

The reporting data provided by Securus Technologies helps to enhance proactive measures of a Facility in monitoring in order to deter the incidence of contraband in such facilities.

The investigative tools provided by Securus Technologies allow the staff to conduct investigations in the case of a harassment complaint or any potential threat that may be perceived either to the security of the facility or even to the community.

How EOS Changed The Lip Balm Game For Good

A must-have item in any beauty regimen has to be lip balm. The lips have to get some love too. For a long time, the biggest game in town was either Chapstick or Blistex. Anyone could recognize those tubes on sight. Most of the time the original was the way to go, but if there was a need for a little shake up, the cherry or mint flavors were there to fill that need.

In an industry that really hasn’t changed, it kind of had the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it kind of feel.” Well, where’s the fun in that? Someone or something had to come in and fill that need no one knew they needed. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, took up the challenge and has changed the landscape of the Lip Balm industry. Read:

What is the secret to their success? Quite simply, research and innovation. For one thing, instead of flavorless, cherry, or mint flavors, EOS offers a variety of scents like Passionfruit, Vanilla Bean, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. Sounds delicious. Another very important change is the shape of the container. Now instead of a tube that could get lost just about anywhere, EOS lip balm provides an eye-catching, colorful circular pot of lip balm that is a delight to use.

EOS lip balm products are available on your local Walmart and Target stores. Try it today!

Bob Reina Makes Communication Easier

Bob Reina is the creator of Talk Fusion, and it is a system that allows many people to make calls to friends and family all around the world.

They may reach out to those they love in seconds, and they may create video conversations that will last a lifetime. This article explains how Bob and his team have built something that anyone may use to create lasting memories.

#1: The Video System

The video system was created to ensure that everyone who wishes to make the most of their time talking may do so using a few simple steps from the program. Talk Fusion is an excellent platform that will allow anyone to connect at any time, and it will help those who are far away from the people they love. They may see each other on video, or they may create video emails.

#2: Video Emails

The video email is quite a lot of fun, and it will help people send off messages that are video snippets in an email form. The format is easy to use, and it will send to any email address that is entered in the system. The person who needs to use the Talk Fusion system will find it far easier to send their messages, and they may save all the videos they have made.

#3: Planning Meetings

Planning meetings for the future is quite a lot of fun as it helps the whole family come together in one place. They will enjoy using the program to ensure they may see each other, and they will learn how to make new video calls when they are all together. Talk Fusion allows for scheduling, and it shows the customer how they may make connections that are powerful for them.

Anyone who is using the Talk Fusion system must ensure they have looked over Bob’s vision for the future.

According to PR News Wire, Bob Reina built Talk Fusion because it allows the customer a place to talk that is far different from any other they have experienced. Using something to call over video is much nicer than a bland phone call.

Doe Deere Beauty Guru Soon To Defy Gravity

Doe Deere is the eclectic visionary beauty of the century coming up with mind-bogglingy brilliant ideas that push the limits and have managed to completely change the game of how the beauty industry works. Creating an abundance of fantastical beauty products all comprised under the goals of making something outstandingly vibrant that is also animal cruelty free, vegan, and 100% ass kicking unique! With extravagantly bold shades coming from every corner of the rainbow, all the way from baby pinks and robin egg blues to mystical emerald shades, dark magic purples, and even a crisp gold that you can freely paint your skin with, Doe Deere’s makeup line Lime Crime is breaking every barrier known to man in order to inspire the world at large to stand tall in the colors that they are and unapologetically let their makeup scream. Complete with unique matte lipsticks known as Velvetines, the ever popular holographic glosses called Diamond Crushers, as well as their Venus eye shadow palettes and the effervescent glow of their Hi-Lite kit, Lime Crime is an impeccable brand that is a friend to all; animals and human kin alike.

The Russian born creative visionary genius responsible for creating Lime Crime, Doe Deere, grew up in the New York City Area with her parents and quickly fell in love with all the extreme people building businesses and making their names known with all their many variations of colorful souls. That and the overwhelming need for a respectable vegan, cruelty free makeup line that has more than just a couple dull shades of lipsticks cemented Doe Deere’s dreams to create an outrageous makeup line that would ultimately defy every single beauty rule that has ever been written.

No longer are you going to be forced to live with boring choices that hardly show up against your skin thanks to their annoyingly muted hues, nor will you have to smear products on your face that were made through the abhorrent abuses of innocent animals thanks to the brilliance that is Lime Crime. This revolutionary line of makeup products truly is turning the world upside down and it’s all well and good that someone is finally tipping the scales and making a difference. Next thing you know Doe Deere will be not only defying supposed ancient beauty rules, but she will also be defying gravity due to her refreshing stance against mindless, pointless authorities.


QI Group of Companies Proof That the Sky is the Limit

QI Group of Companies is an e-commerce based multilevel firm that develops year after year, thanks to Executive Chairman, Vijay Eswaran. Vijay played an essential part in co-founding it when in he returned to Asia in 1998.

The company has investments in various fields such as telecommunications, travel, television and broadcast media, and banking. Its current venture in the education sector is the establishment of a university in Malaysia.

QI Group offers hospitality, financial, and educational services to more than 30 countries through its subsidiary companies. The group runs regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. It also employs close to 1,500 people globally.


QNET, a QI Group subsidiary company, is an international direct selling firm, which has implemented business-to-consumer and e-commerce strategies that support its dominant business model.

Since the firm is engaged in distributing life-enhancing products and services to more than 100 countries, it establishes affiliations with industrialists.

Moreover, QNET has obtained membership in Hong Kong’s Health Food Association and Singapore’s Health Supplements Industry Association. The firm is also an ascribed member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay Eswaran

Eswaran is a popular Malaysian entrepreneur, author and the present Executive Chair of the QI Group. He was born in October 1960. In 1984, he studied at the London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in socio-economics.

Vijay Eswaran started his career working on a part-time basis for Synaptics. For about a year, he worked in Belgium, France, and the UK. While in the UK, Vijay ventured into binary and, consequently, obtained a specialized certification in CIMA. Before advancing into multilevel marketing, Vijay acquired an MBA from the Southern Illinois University (USA) in 1986.

Vijay Eswaran’s Benevolence

Vijay Eswaran’s global donations came to the limelight when he launched the RHYTHM Foundation (a business social responsibility branch of the QI Group of Companies).

Additionally, he has established a charitable group called Vijayaratnam Foundation, named after his father. The foundation is engaged in introducing community programs that center on charity, mentorship, and individual contributions.

Scottsdale-based Futurist Jason Hope Takes On The Internet Of Things

For Jason Hope, the future of technology is a deep passion. The tech entrepreneur got his start after earning his finance degree from Arizona State University. He later went back to ASU for an MBA from the institution’s prestigious business school.

As a technologist, Hope has a keen interest in the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to embedding online devices in everyday objects, and the first steps towards IoT have already been taken, with smart homes and smart devices such as Google Glasses becoming more common. According to Hope, IoT has already become an important driver of economic growth.

According to Hope, the biggest tech companies are staking a claim in IoT and banking on its future. The new CEO of Cisco, Chuck Robbins, recently announced a $1.4 billion equity investment in a company specializing in IoT. Hope also pointed out the example of Silicon Labs, which is experiencing enormous growth designing and manufacturing circuits for IoT device components. Jason Hope sees these major investments and successes as proof that IoT is real and not just a passing fad.

Hope believes that one indication of the ubiquity of this technology is that it is about to go mainstream. According to Hope, at this stage of the game, most people have not heard the term “Internet of Things,” even if they own a fitness tracker or having some level of automation in their homes. Hope believes that all of this is about to change and that IoT is moving closer to becoming a household world.

Jason Hope also notes that another way IoT is fueling economic growth is data. The rise of big data and data-driven analysis has been nothing short of a revolution, and businesses will now have to figure out how to process and make use of all the data they get from IoT.

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