Ryan Seacrest in Business and Philanthropy

Most people know him as the host of the popular music competition known as the American Idol. Earlier this year, the program was back to the screens for the first season on ABC. Ryan Seacrest has received several awards in recognition of his creative ventures. He also works as a host and producer in several national radio and television programs. Due to his vast experience and knowledge in the media industry, he has worked with several entertainment companies. Other than his work and businesses, he is also passionate about helping the vulnerable members of society.

He is the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation where he serves as the Chairman. The non-profit organization is registered in accordance with the law. It was launched with the aim of empowering the young generation through education and entertainment. The first project by the non-profit firm is the construction of modern broadcasting centers which will be known as the Seacrest Studios. The initiative is meant to empower the patients in various pediatric health facilities to understand the creativity in various media platforms. The Seacrest Studios are expected to speed up the healing process in children and their families.

Ryan Seacrest hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest, one of top 40 radio shows in the United States. At ABC, the entrepreneur works as a co-host and executive producer of a top-rated morning talk show. He is the pioneer of Ryan Seacrest production. The company has won prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. One of the most successful projects of his firm is the popular American reality show titled Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The celebrity has also invested in the lifestyle sector through his Ryan Seacrest Distinction venture. The products offered by his business are for men and are only available on a retail enterprise known as the Macy’s. He partnered with a renowned dermatologist, Dr. Lancer to launch a skincare line for men. Seacrest is considered by some people as their role model due to his success in Hollywood and the business world. He has also been part of promotional campaigns for international brands such as Coca-Cola and Ford.