Steve Ritchie Initiates A National Diversity Campaign in A Bid to Save the Reeling Papa John’s

When it comes to Papa John’s, the new chief executive officer, Steve Ritchie, believes in a host of factors that have kept it going and how they will eventually pull it out of the ditches. He believes in the company’s diversity that has brought together over 120,000 individuals to work towards similar goals, pushing Papa John’s forward. He also believes in the communities in which its franchises operate. And more importantly, he believes in its management, its franchise owners and their employees as well as its institutional and individual customers that he fondly refers to as the Pizza makers most important ingredient.

Steve Ritchie has, therefore, launched a diversity campaign aimed at reminding each of these contributor’s, the significant role they play in the success of the brand as well as how the brand can help them in return. The launch and call to action were however preceded by a heartfelt apology by Steve to the Pizza giant’s customers and the general public in which he makes public is diversity program. He, however, acknowledges that the company didn’t live up to the consumer’s expectations and thanks them for holding the company and its employees accountable.

About the diversity initiative

The initiative primarily focuses on the brand’s culture and outlook in the eyes of the customer. T this effect, Steve Ritchie has called in a team of communication experts onboard to help the company’s management team understand the role their unconscious bias has on their communication. He hopes to extend this to all the franchises in a bid to help them improve their customer interactions.

Steve further understands that the company’s downfall was ignited by, and rightly so, the minority groups in the country, that also forms the bulk of the company’s labor force. He has, therefore, come up with a plan of restoring their trust in the brand and interest in the company products.

To start off, he is dedicating more resources towards the support and expansion of minority-owned franchises a gesture of goodwill. The company head has also pledged to dedicate even more resources towards supporting community projects geared toward bringing people together.