Talk Fusion Upgrades Their Product of the Year Line Up.

Talk Fusion launched back in 2007 as a modern answer to the age old problem of video marketing. CEO Bob Reina turned to starting his own company when he realized that nobody else out there was offering what he needed: a way to seamlessly connect with his base of customers and potential customers. Now here we are nearly a decade later with Talk Fusion standing tall as one of the most prominent video networking companies in the world. Their award winning Video Chat program is now looking at some serious upgrades to inspire even more confidence in their offerings.

However, despite its popularity in the business world the guys and girls at Talk Fusion still wanted to improve on what they had to offer. So the Video Chat has now been worked over with some fresh new upgrades to bring out more for their customers.  Next up Talk Fusion has implemented a group chat program with video, audio, and text based communications. These are just a few of the fresh new coats of paint on one of the already most refined products available.

CEO Bob Reina was quick to lob praise at what the new Video Chat has to offer by saying, “Video Chat is in a league all its own.” Reina went on to tout the prospect of being able to chat face to face with anyone in the world, from any device across any device threshold — one of the major selling points of the product. The focus on connectivity should help to produce more effective and efficient workdays for companies that don’t have to fight for the proper channel to communicate through.

As we said above Talk Fusion has been rising in popularity for the better part of the past decade. Now CEO Bob Reina and his program are here to offer products and solutions at the next level, bringing companies to their highest potential.

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  1. This past year the Talk Fusion Video Chat program won multiple awards for progress in video networking and communication solutions. First up was a sleek reworking of the interface in order to make it more intuitive. There are many ways in which can get what they need as fast as they can.

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