The Neurocore’s style of enhancing brain performance

Neurocore was established in 2004 and has eight brain training centers in operation in Florida and Michigan. The brain training centers utilize the neurofeedback technology which has been in operation since the early 1960’s. The brain train center located in Boca Raton is the largest of all the brain training facilities worldwide. The centers are operated by licensed professionals who have undergone extensive training and certification under the regulation of the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) qualified members. BICA is an international organization that sets standards and offers certification to the neurofeedback training, pelvic muscle biofeedback, and biofeedback certification. See more information about Neurocore at

The method employed by Neurocore in training the brain to enhance performance is as easy as watching an exciting TV show. Although it sounds easy, there is a lot of neuroscience that takes place in the background during the exercise. The process starts with the Neurocore professionals monitoring the client’s brain waves closely.


When the client is all focused and relaxed, the brain performance is optimal, and it receives an award. The rewarding can be up to three thousand times during the thirty-minute session by the neurofeedback process. The number increases by the client’s rate of improving his/ her concentration and focus. This process aims to create healthy brain changes that will provide long-lasting solutions in brain performance. The neurocore centers have been able to improve the brain performance of thousands of clients.

The neurocore approach used to improve the brain performance has been used in elite athletes to improve their brain performance that will, in turn, lead to their improved performance physically. Neurocore applied the brain training exercise to Kirk Cousins, a Minnesota Viking Quarter-Back. He started working with neurocore since he was in college and the training improved his performance making him the highest paid player in the National League. Cousins recall his average performance back in college that required improvement by making him take control of his mind. Cousins then worked with neurocore pro and Dr. Royer who monitored the QB’s heart rates and the brainwaves. The training improved his brain and physical performance. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.